Cyan Boujee on ‘Podcast and Chill with MacG’

On Thursday, September 22nd, DJ and social media influencer Cyan Boujee appeared on MacG’s “Podcast and Chill” for an episode filled with interesting sound bites and tidbits about her brief career in the spotlight.

Throughout the interview, she had heavy breathing and a runny nose, which she explained was due to the flu.

The 21-year-old discussed a variety of topics, including getting liposuction and other work done to her body in December, preparing to get a Brazilian Butt Lift in the coming weeks, and the bizarre story of how she had to defend herself against a Nigerian sneaky link who was pursuing a relationship with her.

After she rejected his approaches, the conflict around the sneaky link evolved into a physical brawl between the two parties.

A few months after the event, Cyan posted an Instagram photo of her bloodied flat.


She stated, “I wasn’t interested because it began as a covert link, so you can anticipate that if I commit to him, he’ll be seeing other people.”

“Therefore, I didn’t see a future with this man; he’s just not my type. He was not the type to whom I could devote years.”

She also mentioned an ex-substantial boyfriend’s allowance, stating, “This was a real bag. It was perhaps 50 per week.”

This caused MacG to exclaim in shock and inquire, “Woooooow, fifty thousand, are you f**king kidding me?”

She said, “Certainly. Only for remaining at home.”

When questioned if she had dated DJ Maphorisa, she stated that she had not, expressing regret for this.

“We were hanging out, I’d go to his house, and we’d go to concerts. He went with her, though, because my friend offered what he genuinely desired. We’re cool, though.”

She also described how she received a great deal of attention whenever she was with Maphorisa.

Later in the hour-long discussion, she criticized amapiano DJ Busta 929 for pursuing a sexual relationship with her despite her disinterest, stating that he should know his place.

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