Curtis Sliwa fulfills his promise to rid Eric Adams of rats as Brooklyn’s Guardian Angels clear rubbish

Curtis Sliwa fulfills his promise to rid Eric Adams of rats as Brooklyn’s Guardian Angels clear rubbish

Curtis Sliwa fulfilled his promise to Mayor Adams on Thursday by having his Guardian Angels clean the Brooklyn street where the mayor’s brownstone is located.

The volunteers, organized by Adams’ opponent Curtis Sliwa and wearing red berets, removed trash off Lafayette Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant after neighbors of the mayor’s home complained that dirt had attracted vermin.

Sliwa, the Republican candidate that Adams defeated in the 2021 mayoral election, stated that the street cleaning was the first step in a multi-phase strategy to rid the mayor’s multi-unit brownstone of vermin after it was issued two tickets for vermin infestation.

On Friday, the Guardian Angels will scour the block with ammonia.

Sliwa stated that on Saturday, two feral cats will be housed in front of Adams’ property to combat the rodents.

Sliwa proposed on Wednesday to release wild cats at Adams’ multi-unit brownstone and to “help” the rodent problem by serving as the city’s rat czar “for free” after the mayor’s property was cited for vermin.

Adams said, “I shall accept his offer.” Adams told reporters, “You know, if he says he will be my rat czar for free, I’ll call him and I’d like him to come on board to do it.”

Silwa intends to place cats outside Adams’ home to combat the mayor’s rat problems.

“Don’t make a promise if you’re not willing to keep it.”

Adams criticized Sliwa, stating that he is “probably looking for a job” after losing to him in the mayoral election last year.

“Command Curtis to become my rat czar. He will soon discover that this is not a Tom and Jerry-themed commercial. This is the genuine deal,” Adams stated on Wednesday.

In reference to the mayoral election, he remarked, “I will make sure we bring him on board, he can be part of our internship program because I know he’s probably looking for work since he lost the job he was trying to get.”

In the meantime, Sliwa, who owns 16 cats with his wife Nancy, stated that the idea to eliminate the mayor’s rodents is purr-fect.

Curtis and Nancy Sliwa discussed their plans to assist the mayor with his own mouse infestation with reporters.
Matthew McDermott for the New York Post The mayor of Adams’s city has a rat infestation directly outside his own door.

Today, we were cleaning up the garbage. It was enormous. The neighbors had been correct. “It’s a mess,” stated Sliwa. You’ve got time to clean? Friday’s the day for Spit and Spank!”

Nonetheless, he complained that police officers photographed and monitored the Angels during Thursday’s cleanup.

“We are not a terrorist group.” Just now, we are cleaning up Lafayette Avenue. Do they not have a criminal problem to address?”

Sliwa stated that Guardian Angel John “Zeke” Gavares, who supervises a cat shelter in College Point, will couple two cats to assist Adams in eliminating his pest problem.

Adams’ office sent a snide reaction to Sliwa on Thursday, slapping the Guardian Angels founder for complaining about police surveillance.

“It’s unfortunate that Curtis Sliwa believes it’s acceptable to mock the NYPD policemen who risk their lives every day to keep our city secure. It appears he missed today’s media briefing at 1PP [1 Police Plaza] owing to his photo-op, but thanks to the NYPD’s efforts, significant index crimes decreased by 1.5% in the final quarter of 2022 and by 11.6% last month. Under the Adams administration, New York City is becoming safer, according to Fabien Levy, the mayor’s spokeswoman.

“Despite this, Curtis has not yet applied to be our rat intern. We are aware that he lacks the required experience, but that has never stopped him from seeking employment in the city.


»Curtis Sliwa fulfills his promise to rid Eric Adams of rats as Brooklyn’s Guardian Angels clear rubbish«

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