Crisis: Up to 200 asylum seekers cross the English Channel to Dover

Crisis: Up to 200 asylum seekers cross the English Channel to Dover

Even though it was chilly and misty at sea this morning, up to 200 migrants crossed the English Channel.

When the first asylum seekers arrived in Dover, Kent before morning, they were observed wearing their winter clothing.

As they attempted the icy passage, the migrants were stopped by a Border Force vessel and given blankets as they got off the boat. Shortly around 9am, a second Border Force vessel entered the harbor.

So far today, at least four different groups of migrants are believed to have navigated the perilous 21-mile Dover Straits in rubber dinghies or other tiny vessels.

Up to 200 asylum seekers may have arrived in Britain before 10 a.m. today, with each tiny boat normally carrying between 40 and 50 individuals.

The French coastguard acknowledged that they stopped a total of 53 more asylum seekers from traveling to the UK that day.

A boat in trouble off the coast of Calais was reported to the French Coastguard quite early in the morning.

Migrant crisis: Up to 200 asylum seekers arrive in Dover after crossing the English Channel

The mission of rescuing 53 trapped persons fell to the aid and salvage tug Abeille Normandie, who was found on board the boat.

After being dropped off, they were given to the border police, the emergency medical service, and the fire and rescue service at the port of Boulogne-sur-Mer.

On Sunday, it was also made public that British politicians have deployed the Royal Navy for more than £20 million in 2022 in an effort to stop the small boat catastrophe.

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered the first deployment of navy ships to support Border Force in April, stating that it would ensure “no boat makes it to the UK undetected.”

Taxpayers have paid £87,097 per day for the military to monitor migrant crossings as part of Operation Isotrope, according to information obtained from the Ministry of Defence via a Freedom of Information Act request.

Despite this, a record-breaking 45,728 individuals arrived in the UK last year in 1,104 boats, an average of 41 individuals per vessel, well above the 28,526 individuals who did so in 2021.

8,641 immigrants arrived in Britain via inflatable dinghy or other small vessel during the month of August, making it the busiest month. On August 22, 1,295 migrants completed the risky trek in under 24 hours.

On January 31, the Ministry of Defense is scheduled to leave the Channel, returning control to Border Force.

According to government experts, 80,000 individuals may be using tiny boats to cross the English Channel by 2023.

Albanian gangs have already begun an advertising campaign on TikTok promising stowaway journeys to the UK, with criminals seeking up to £18,000 per person and boasting of a “100% success” rate.

Lorry migrants vanish upon arrival, in contrast to small boat landings, which are often picked up by lifeboats and handed over to Border Force personnel.

Meanwhile, it was discovered last week that three of Britain’s Border Force cutters are now receiving repair rather than guarding the country’s shoreline in the English Channel.

In Lowestoft, Suffolk, the HMC Protector, Valiant, and Seeker are receiving maintenance or certification.

In 2013, the HMC Protector was acquired used from the Finnish Navy. It has reportedly been tied up for the last six months while waiting for safety certification work that was supposed to take 25 days, according to maritime monitoring data.

Additionally, HMC Seeker is undergoing maintenance that might cost up to £123,000 and take up to 25 days.

“Our first concern is ensuring the protection of the public,” a Home Office representative said. “The maintenance of Border Force boats is handled throughout the year to ensure that this does not compromise our operational performance.”

Regarding the reason the three cutters went out of service at the same time, they made no comments.

»Crisis: Up to 200 asylum seekers cross the English Channel to Dover«

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