Craig Carton’s answer to John Jastremski in the WFAN feud is a cautionary note

Craig Carton’s answer to John Jastremski in the WFAN feud is a cautionary note

Craig Carton played the “what have I done?” card and then issued a warning.

This week, the co-host of the WFAN afternoon drive and former FAN star John Jastremski have engaged in a contentious exchange. It began when Carton claimed Jastremski “rejected” his broadcasting advice and disparaged his former colleague’s professional accomplishments. Jastremski responded by stating that he seeks guidance from those of greater significance than a “thief” like Carton. Carton, pretending to have heard about the details for the first time, questioned what he did incorrectly and stated that he liked Jastremski before issuing a veiled threat.

Carton stated on “Carton & Roberts” on Friday that he had a “open door” to assist Jastremski when the latter was just beginning his career.

“What did I say when I was telling a tale about trying to be a kind man and a good co-worker and helping a new career grow, and then all of a sudden, he’s calling me all these terrible names and asking me to eff off?” Carton responded, “Just guide me through it if I want to join in this foolish dispute.”

Carton was informed he joked that Jastremski, who departed WFAN last year to broadcast a New York-centric podcast for Bill Simmons’ network at the Spotify-owned Ringer, was no longer in the industry and working at McDonalds. Carton further implied that Jastremski’s position on SNY, which airs a simulcast of “Carton & Roberts,” was low-paying and did not provide a unique platform.

Oh, so I made a veiled reference to him listening to podcasts? Carton inquired, feigning ignorance. “Is that how thin-skinned and insecure we all have become?… Why would he assault me, tell me to screw off, and label me a thief because I attempted to further his career? I believed that being on WFAN was more beneficial to my career than being on any podcast. That’s what we’re discussing? And I’m the villain?”

Carton also gave a warning to Jastremski not to exacerbate the situation.

He stated, according to Awful Announcing, “I like JJ.” “But if you want a conflict, you’ve chosen the wrong person.”

Carton asked Jastremski on the show to discuss the issue, but Jastremski was away on vacation.

John Jastremski referred to Craig Carton as a “thief” after the WFAN anchor disparaged his career.
Instagram / John Jastremski

This all began when Carton made a joke about Jastremski’s continued significance in the industry, stating that he didn’t believe Jastremski was still in the business. Carton, who sarcastically stated that quitting WFAN “wasn’t a wise professional choice,” quipped that Jastremski was managing a McDonald’s and was disappointed with the SNY position: “You see a lot of guys on SNY, they pay like $30 per shift. It’s no joke, $30 each shift.”

Carton stated that he recommended Jastremski to say “NFL” rather than “National Football League” since “No one speaks that way. It is like nails on a blackboard.”

On his podcast “New York, New York,” Jastremski responded to Carton.

Targeting McDonald’s employees is priority number one? Jastremski asked. Who the devil are you to do such a thing? Two: You disparage the multibillion-dollar corporation where I work. I have a terrific job, a terrific platform, and a terrific producer. I should also mention that I have two excellent employment opportunities. Moreover, you offend both of them. In addition, you are on that network. five times every week Moreover, you disrespect that network. How ignorant are you? I also take potshots at members of the network you’re on. And I can attest that it pays well. I do alright.

“In terms of career advice? What was that?” He queried. “I listen to legends. Bill Simmons, are you familiar with him? Much more valuable than you. Mike Francesa? My buddy Adam Schein? I listen to these gentlemen. I will not listen to a con artist. Consequently, what? Go take a f–king hike. What’s up with that?”

Following his conviction for fraud, Carton spent nearly a year in jail. Carton and two other investors raised funding for a scheme to obtain tickets through industry ties and resell them. Instead, Carton used a portion of the money to pay off gambling debts.

After an early back-and-forth struggle with “The Michael Kay Show” on ESPN New York, WFAN’s “Carton & Roberts” now holds the #1 place in sports during New York’s afternoon commute.


»Craig Carton’s answer to John Jastremski in the WFAN feud is a cautionary note«

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