Courtroom Crisis: 911 Call Sheds Light on Law Student’s Death

Courtroom Crisis: 911 Call Sheds Light on Law Student’s Death

Recently released audio recordings reveal that Chase Allan, a 25-year-old Utah law student who was shot dead by police during a traffic stop on March 1, had clashed with authorities just six months prior during his mother’s court hearing.

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The audio features Allan’s protests as a bailiff enters the courtroom to take him into custody during his mother’s trial for driving with invalid license plates.

Both Allan and his mother are suspected followers of the “sovereign citizen” movement, which denies the legitimacy of the US government and its authorities.

Allan’s refusal to comply during his mother’s trial resulted in his arrest for disorderly conduct, interfering with an officer, disrupting a meeting, manufacture/ possession of burglary tools, and failure to disclose identity.

During the encounter, Allan was aggressive and non-compliant, shouting that the bailiff’s actions were “battery and assault” and “treason.”

The situation escalated quickly, with his mother Diane also shouting for officers to “let him go” and calling 911 to report someone being assaulted during her hearing.

Although the audio does not capture the lead-up to the hostility, a probable cause affidavit reportedly stated that Allan was “disruptive and non-compliant” and resisted officers.

On March 1, Allan was pulled over for driving without a license plate, and he refused to comply with officers’ requests to exit the vehicle.

The situation quickly deteriorated, with one officer yelling “gun, gun, gun!” before Allan was shot multiple times and pronounced dead in the hospital.

Allan’s family accused the police department of unlawfully killing him and covering up the incident.

In the wake of the tragedy, Diane described her son as “caring, thoughtful, and kind,” who had a “shy and quiet demeanor” but was quick to make friends.

She also emphasized his commitment to defending people’s freedom and liberty in his community.

Allan’s family’s accusations against the police department add to the ongoing controversy surrounding the use of force by law enforcement in the US.

»Courtroom Crisis: 911 Call Sheds Light on Law Student’s Death«

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