Couples should have sex every other day if they want to start a family, experts say

Couples should have sex every other day if they want to start a family, experts say

Many couples trying for a baby turn to technology to work out the ‘perfect’ window in which to conceive.

But instead they should just focus on having sex every other day, according to a leading fertility expert.

Women have increasingly been using trendy phone apps and test kits to ‘track’ when they are ovulating – releasing an egg.

This has raised concerns that focusing on ovulation may mean they neglect having sex at other times.

Professor Adam Balen, former chairman of the British Fertility Society, told the Daily Mail: ‘Couples should ideally be having sex every other day to maximise their chances of having a baby.

If men do not have sex regularly, older sperm building up in their body can release chemicals which may cause other sperm to die.’

He added: ‘Women sometimes get too hung up on ovulation, wait only for that day to have sex, and do it less often as a result.’

Professor Balen, an NHS consultant in reproductive medicine in Leeds, said: ‘Couples trying to conceive often focus just on the time of ovulation to have sex. But you need to have sperm there waiting for the egg.’

Women tend to ovulate around 14 days after their period. But this is not an exact science and by the time a woman has a positive result using an ovulation test not much time is left to have sex.

Many experts say it is best to have sex shortly before ovulation as sperm can survive in the female body for up to five days. They will therefore be already there waiting for the egg – making pregnancy more likely.

Professor Balen told the Fertility Show in London that long gaps between ejaculations are bad for the health of sperm. He told the Mail: ‘We have become too hi-tech in our approach to life generally and that extends to getting pregnant.

‘People want a sense of control and something they can track on an app. But actually focusing so much on ovulation can lead to men having to have sex to order, which is stressful and bad for their emotional wellbeing.

‘Women should be aware of when they are ovulating but not tie themselves in knots over it and forget the importance of having sex generally.’

The ‘femtech’ industry, which includes ovulation trackers, is booming and is expected to be worth £44billion by 2027.

Women can keep track of their cycle and ovulation dates on an app. They can confirm they are ovulating by urinating on a stick, similar to a pregnancy test.

Current chairman of the British Fertility Society, Dr Raj Mathur, backed the advice for couples to have sex regularly when trying for a baby.

He said: ‘Couples trying to conceive should not restrict sex to a specific time in their cycle. Ovulation can occur at different times and, of course, sex shouldn’t be just for conception. A frequency of every other day is great if they can achieve it.’

Another fertility expert, Professor Allan Pacey, of Sheffield University, this week raised concerns that couples increasingly need artificial help to conceive such as IVF because they are not having enough sex.

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