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The institution was conceived as Africa’s first Development University. Its mission is to pioneer service learning and build leaders who will be prepared to tackle societal concerns. Located in Yola, Adamawa State, the University is a world-class career-oriented institution missioned to be an agent of change in the development of the region. AUN has a strong commitment to providing the skills and the leadership essential to solving the continent’s critical social and economic problems.

The University offers an American-style education modelled after the curriculum of American universities with corresponding approaches to teaching and students assessment. The first entering class of 124 students and 20 professors was enrolled in September 2005. The University started on temporary buildings at the AUN Academy located directly opposite the AUN campus. In seven years, AUN is fast becoming a model for other universities in Nigeria and West Africa.

At AUN Enrolees are provided with the tools to achieve personal growth and material success. AUN is a completely wireless University, which is highly focused on IT. Computers, the internet and other critical IT facilities are key tools in teaching. These facilities are deployed in classes and completion of course assignments. With great emphasis on small classes, AUN’s main goal is to graduate well-educated and qualified students in both general knowledge and specialized disciplines. Having acquired first class American education right here in Nigeria, AUN students can remain in the country or Africa and contribute as entrepreneurs, corporate business people, government leaders, scientists and good citizens. AUN offers a complete academic string ranging from elementary, through secondary, to undergraduate to graduate school.

The AUN Academy across from the main campus, operates the elementary school, a Charter School, and a high school with American and international tracks. Since 2009, AUN has consistently graduated four classes. Many of these alumni have either enrolled into top graduate schools abroad, taken up jobs in key organizations or have established personal businesses around the country and abroad. AUN has a sprinkle of international students from around the world ranging from UK, USA, Niger Republic, Ghana, Cameroun and Rwanda. The biggest foreign enrolment ever is from Rwanda where seventeen students have enrolled for the fall 2012 semester.

Resulting from AUN’s unique approach to teaching and community service, the University receives accolades from international organizations and institutions. In 2011 the American Peace Corps, while celebrating its 50th anniversary, conferred on the AUN Founder the first ever Harry Wofford Global Citizenship award for his uncommon generosity and unusual support to higher education. Also in 2011 the AUN President Dr. Margee Ensign won the African Leadership award in Educational Excellence in the UK. In October 2012 AUN was also conferred with another prestigious award in Atlanta Georgia titled Africa Leading University Award 2012.Location: Yola, Adamawa
Department: Student Affairs

Summary of Position

The Counseling Psychologist, Student Affairs is charged with the responsibility of advocating and helping students achieve personal, social, and emotional success.
The duties shall include but not limited to individual counseling, group therapy, behavioral disorders, substance abuse disorders, youth, and crisis counseling in accordance with established policies and procedures of the American University of Nigeria.
University-age students face many new challenges, and the Counseling Psychologist is a vital support person for students as they navigate young adulthood.
Some of these challenges include anxiety, which can relate to life and career decisions or relationship challenges with family, new friends, roommates, new romantic relationships, or understanding expectations of their professors.
University students can also lapse into depression over grades or other stress-related to university life, and this can lead to self-harm behaviors, drug or alcohol abuse, or trauma reactions.
Some students develop eating disorders or feel marginalized or bullied. As a development university, we provide the support necessary to help our students develop the skills necessary to manage all of these new challenges, and the counseling psychologist is on the frontline as a safety net and reassurance that we provide a safe environment for all students to succeed.

Detailed Listing of Responsibilities

Assist students in identifying problems – emotional, mental, and behavioral – in their lives.
Work with students to diagnose any existing potential disorders through observation, interviews, and tests.
Provide individual planning sessions to students in the areas of planning and success, and social/emotional development, stress management, and other anxieties in accordance with the planned objectives of the University.
Interpret tests, student data and other assessment result appropriately in the counseling environment.
Provide individual counseling in response to student requests and student emergencies
Provide diagnosis and treatment of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders.
Advocate for equal access to programs and services for all students.
Plan, implement, maintain and evaluate the systems necessary for the support, maintenance, and improvement of the University counseling program.
Maintain a comprehensive record-keeping system in concert with the medical record-keeping system employed at the University Health Center.
Provide referrals to the University Health Center for cases warranting more serious intervention, for consultation with a psychiatrist or hospital care.
Being on call for emergency situations and working directly with the University Health Center to maintain an open channel of communication.
Articulate the University counseling program to students, and members of the University community through designated marketing strategies, such as mental health day programs, awareness campaigns, workshops open to all students for stress management and other topics, outreach programs, etc. – a full calendar of events throughout the academic year.
Develop and maintain skills needed to utilize technology systems and participate in professional development activities.
Promote an understanding and appreciation of diverse populations and cultures.
Participate in strategic decision-making and activities, which contribute to the effective operation of the Student Affairs division and the University as a whole.
Cooperate and collaborate with other professionals in enhancing the education of students.
Communicate with students, faculty, and staff, as to the role of the University counseling program in the overall educational process of the University.

Requirements for the position

A Master’s Degree in Psychology from a recognized University plus five years experience garnered as a Counselling Psychologist. Preference will be given to individuals with a strong clinical background.
Experience of working in an academic environment is highly beneficial.
Should possess strong organizational, planning, and student-relation skills.
Should possess strong written and oral communications skills.
Should be proficient in the use of Information and Communications Technology tools and e-resources.

Other Requirements, Abilities for the Position:

Ability to maintain a high degree of professionalism and confidentiality in the face of highly emotive and distressing problems with students and staff alike.
Ability to develop a work schedule, set goals, create and implement action plans and monitor progress towards goals.
Skill in developing and maintaining effective working relationships.
Skill in typing/word processing and use of personal computer/software.
Ability to maintain a high level of accuracy in all assessments and evaluations.
Assure discreet handling of all issues.
Perform to earn the full confidence required of a Counselling professional.
Work collaboratively and cooperatively with others.
Work under pressure.

Description of Benefits
Salary and benefits are commensurate with experience and job classification as per AUN salary scale.
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