Convicted Rapist and Murderer Thabo Bester Lived Like a King in Prison

Convicted Rapist and Murderer Thabo Bester Lived Like a King in Prison

...By Lola Smith for TDPel Media.

Thabo Bester, a convicted rapist and murderer, was reported to have lived a luxurious lifestyle at the Mangaung Correctional Centre in Free State, where he escaped in May 2022.


Images and videos have been circulating online, showing Bester’s life in prison and the luxurious lifestyle he led after his escape.

According to a Twitter account with the name Nah Fugazi, Bester did not wear the typical orange overall that other prisoners wear while serving their sentences.

Instead, he wore normal clothes brought to him by his accomplice, Dr. Nandipha Magudumana, who also reportedly brought Bester’s dogs when she visited him in prison.

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Bester’s Lifestyle in Prison

The Twitter account also alleged that Bester had his own bed sheets and lived in a single cell that contained multiple gadgets and unauthorised accessories.

A video of Bester dancing to loud music in his cell was circulated, raising questions about how he obtained such gadgets.


Representatives from G4S, which was responsible for the maximum security prison, claimed that Bester had a laptop with him because he was studying a graphics design course at Damelin.

Luxury after Escape

After his escape, Bester’s lifestyle reportedly became even more luxurious.

Pictures and videos showed him driving a black Range Rover and living in a well-furnished apartment.

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The former inmate, who shared the same unit as Bester at Mangaung, said that Bester always carried a roll of money with him and that he believed that money could get him anything he wanted.

Retaliation Against Inmate X

Inmate X, the former inmate who shared the same unit as Bester, said that he was victimised after flagging Bester’s “death” as an escape.

His identity was also revealed, and he was moved to another prison.


The revelations of Bester’s lifestyle in prison and after his escape have raised questions about the effectiveness of South Africa’s prison system.


The images and videos of Thabo Bester’s lifestyle while in prison and after his escape have shocked the public and raised concerns about the state of South Africa’s prison system.

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The allegations of his luxurious lifestyle in prison and the unauthorised items in his cell have led to questions about the effectiveness of the country’s prison security measures.

The revelation that Inmate X was victimised after reporting Bester’s escape highlights the need for improved whistleblower protections.

It remains to be seen whether the revelations about Bester’s lifestyle will result in changes to the country’s prison system.


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