Controversy Surrounding Leaked Video Allegedly Featuring Millicent Omanga

Controversy Surrounding Leaked Video Allegedly Featuring Millicent Omanga

...By Enitan Thompson for TDPel Media.

A leaked video that allegedly features Millicent Omanga, the Chief Administrative Secretary in the Ministry of Internal Security and a prominent Kenyan politician, has caused quite a stir online.


While some people have opposed the leak of such a compromising video, others have enjoyed watching it.

The video shows a woman who claims to be Omanga lying half-naked on a bed, with her eyes closed.

Many people assume she is unconscious in the video.

Given Omanga’s status, the claim of a video leak could seriously damage her reputation.

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Despite this, she has displayed maturity in the situation and chose not to play the blame game.

In a Facebook post, she quoted the Bible to put an end to the rumors, but she did not clarify whether the woman in the video was her.


Omanga is a beloved politician, and her fans flooded her comments section with messages of positivity and courage.

If she decides to take legal action against those who spread her leaked video, the Constitution of Kenya will come to her aid.

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Distributing indecent images or videos of anyone is punishable under Article 31 of the Constitution, with the offender facing a fine of up to two lakhs, imprisonment for two years, or both.


The controversy surrounding the leaked video featuring Millicent Omanga highlights the danger of sharing intimate images or videos of others without their consent.

Not only can it damage someone’s reputation and personal life, but it can also be a punishable offense under the law.

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It is important for individuals to respect the privacy and dignity of others, especially in the age of social media, where information can spread quickly and uncontrollably.

It is also important for politicians and public figures to maintain their integrity and moral values, as they are held to a higher standard by society.


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