Controversy Erupts as Epsom Derby Organizers Introduce LGBT Areas, Accused of Expensive PR Stunt

Controversy Erupts as Epsom Derby Organizers Introduce LGBT Areas, Accused of Expensive PR Stunt

...By Babatunde Lucas for TDPel Media.

Epsom Derby organisers have faced accusations of employing an “expensive PR game” with their decision to introduce LGBT areas at this year’s event.


The purpose of these areas is to attract a more diverse audience, offering a venue with drag performances and free queer literature on the opening day of the races.

However, critics argue that this move stereotypes the targeted individuals and is merely a publicity stunt.

Criticism of a Stereotypical Approach

Social commentator Emma Webb expressed her strong disapproval of the initiative, deeming it deeply offensive.

She questioned the notion that drag performances were necessary to entice gay people to attend a horse race, suggesting that horse racing should be inherently interesting to individuals of all sexual orientations.

Webb dismissed the move as a costly PR stunt, and her sentiments were shared by GB News presenter Andrew Pierce, who believed the idea should be abandoned.

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Features of the LGBT Area

The designated LGBT area at the Epsom Derby will include a bar, a DJ, and performances by drag queens Cara Melle and Bonk.


Organisers aim to offer a library of queer literature, intending to empower and encourage more LGBTQIA+ individuals to engage with horse racing.

This initiative stems from a recent survey conducted by the Jockey Club, which found that 80% of LGBTQIA+ respondents would be more inclined to attend major sporting events if spaces were specifically created with them in mind.

Mixed Reactions and Concerns

Mick Applebly, a gay racehorse trainer, expressed reservations about the introduction of the LGBT area, viewing it as primarily a PR stunt that could potentially alienate certain racegoers.

Applebly felt that such events had been occurring for years but questioned whether they were becoming too overwhelming and might deter some individuals, particularly the older generation, who might perceive it as being forced upon them.

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Jockey Club’s Stance

The Jockey Club defended its decision, emphasizing its commitment to making horse racing an inclusive and welcoming sport for all.

They cited the research, which indicated a lack of spaces designed with the LGBTQIA+ community in mind at major sporting events, as the motivation behind this initiative.

The Jockey Club sees the Epsom Derby’s diverse history as an opportunity to engage with individuals who had not previously considered attending horse racing, aiming to create a blueprint that could be replicated in other sports events.


The introduction of LGBT areas at the Epsom Derby has generated controversy, with accusations of an expensive PR game and stereotyping.


While some criticize the move as unnecessary and alienating, the Jockey Club defends it as a step towards inclusivity in horse racing and major sporting events.

The outcome of this initiative and its potential impact on attendance and audience diversity remains to be seen.

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