Continued Failures in Police Vetting, Recruitment of Unsuitable Officers and Missed Targets

Continued Failures in Police Vetting, Recruitment of Unsuitable Officers and Missed Targets

...By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media.

A recent report by the HM Inspectorate of Constabulary, Fire and Rescue Services has criticized the police for their poor decision-making in vetting officers.


The report warns that the Metropolitan Police (Met) will fail to meet crucial targets for removing corrupt officers and preventing the entry of inappropriate individuals into the force.

The watchdog’s inspection revealed shocking cases of recruits with histories of domestic abuse, criminal charges for dishonesty, and improper vetting clearances despite family members involved in serious criminal activities.

Additionally, the report highlights the recruitment of a person with links to organized crime who concealed their association.

The inspector of constabulary, Matt Parr, expressed astonishment at these “dreadful mistakes” and raised concerns about the size and workload of the Met’s vetting unit.


The findings of the report expose ongoing issues in police vetting processes, indicating a failure to address previous concerns.

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The Met, in particular, faces challenges due to the scale of its vetting unit and the tasks it currently handles.


The inspector’s statement suggests that the clean-up process will result in further negative publicity for the Met, but he encourages viewing it as a step toward progress rather than an indication of deep-rooted problems.

Continuing Problems and Updated Recommendations:

The warning regarding ongoing vetting problems coincides with an update on how police forces have responded to a scathing report published by the inspectorate last year.

The report emphasized the ease with which unsuitable individuals could join and remain in the police force.

The progress report reveals that 73% of the recommended improvements for vetting checks have been implemented or will be by the relevant deadlines.

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Similarly, 90% of the accompanying recommendations for strengthening counter-corruption and misconduct proceedings have been achieved or are in progress.

However, the Met is projected to miss some targets, signaling significant failures and receiving a red alert for these shortcomings.

Impact on the Met:

This verdict poses a setback for the Met, which continues to grapple with challenges like being labeled institutionally racist, misogynistic, and homophobic in a critical report by Baroness Casey.

The force has also faced scandals, including the murder of Sarah Everard by a serving officer and the revelation of Metropolitan Police officer David Carrick as a prolific sex offender.


Despite Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley’s efforts to address rogue officers, the inspectorate’s report suggests that serious errors in vetting decisions persist within the Met, resembling those identified in the previous report.

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The report’s findings underscore the ongoing failures in police vetting, indicating that some forces, including the Met, have not rectified serious errors in their decision-making processes.

The recruitment of unsuitable officers and inadequate vetting clearances reveal persistent shortcomings.

The size and scope of the Met’s vetting unit contribute to these challenges, and more negative news is anticipated as the force continues its clean-up process.

While these developments may harm the reputation and public trust in the police, they are deemed necessary steps toward improvement.

The report further highlights concerns regarding criminal convictions, links to organized crime, and the prevalence of misogynistic attitudes within the force, particularly in the Met.


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