Commentary: TONIMAS Lubricants And Safety On The Highways

Commentary: TONIMAS Lubricants And Safety On The Highways

Tonimas Nigeria Limited, one of the leading lubricant manufacturers in Nigeria, was established in 1981 and incorporated in 1982 by an Anambra born business mogul, the late Dr. Anthony Obiagboso Enukeme OON Onowu Neni.

Though the founder of Tonimas Nigeria Limited is no more, all the achievements and legacies are being consolidated by the new management team, led by the new Managing Director, Chief Azubike Enukeme (Akuebube, Nwachinemelu) together with others. The team is working assiduously to ensure that Tonimas products remain what they are.

Tonimas, which is also an independent Marketer of petroleum products, has branches in all the thirty-six states of Nigeria and Abuja as well as some African countries with headquarters in Aba, Abia State.

Tonimas brands of lubricants are some of the products of the conglomerate. The Company has received Nigeria Industrial Standards certificate following its exceptional quality, high standards and international best practices. Its engine oil, for instance, has the Mandatory Conformity Assessment Programme (MANCAP) Certificate, showing its exceptional quality. It has other worthy certifications.

Tonimas lubricants have been playing critical role in the operation of vehicles in Nigeria.  Its engine oil, transmission oil, greases and fluids, have been helping to reduce friction in vehicle parts. Tonimas highest quality auto lubricants are second to none. They enhance the longevity of vehicles. This is why the product is being recommended to motorists by stakeholders in transport sector.

Moreover, any vehicle serviced with high quality Tonimas lubricants can go anywhere. Using Tonimas quality lubricants also allows the vehicle to operate at ultimate efficiency and performance. This, no doubt, can help to lower fuel costs and more power. Taking care of a vehicle with Tonimas auto lubricants will save money in the long run. This is because a vehicle that is well taking care of will need fewer repairs. We must realize that using low grade auto lubricants can even cost one dearly, should an engine or transmission needs to be replaced.

In fact, there is an additional factor when it comes to Tonimas auto lubricants and that is the care that should be taken to replace them on a timetable recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Regular engine oil changes, particularly those of Tonimas are critical.

For vehicle owners, properly formulated engine oil like Tonimas avoids costly repairs. Without the lubricant, the engine would quickly undergo serious damage. Tonimas quality engine oil reduces friction between parts and by cleaning the entire engine. Its engine oil prevents the engine from clogging and becoming damaged. With it, the engine, therefore, performs to a greater efficiency and its life span in increased.

Tonimas lubricants are essential to avoid serious mechanical damage in vehicles. In addition to engine performance, high-performance, Tonimas oil also reduces polluting discharges in the atmosphere. It is, therefore, extremely important to choose the oil that is suitable to ones vehicle and local climate conditions to enjoy all its benefits. This is where Tonimas lubricants come to play.

Tonimas oil also enhances engine sealing and more specifically, the sealing of pistons and cylinders. As fuel combustion generates corrosive acid that can damage metal parts in the engine. Tonimas lubricants slow down corrosion. The cleaning power of Tonimas oil is fundamental Microscopic deposits build up in the engine and remain in suspension. Without oil like Tonimas, the residue would clog the engine and decrease its performance.

Tonimas lubricants also work wonders. For example, the energy lost through combustion and the friction between mechanical parts causes the engine temperature to rise. But the lubrication provided by Tonimas engine oil helps to partly address the heat through the lubricant circuit. It supplements the coolant, which can only cool certain parts of the engine.

The Tonimas lubricants play many roles in allowing an engine to run properly over time. Their main role is to lubricate the moving parts of an engine, which are constantly in friction. It thus reduces friction which, if left unchecked, leads to increase parts wear and tear.

So, for durability, safety and road worthiness, Tonimas lubricant is the answer to all engine problems. Use Tonimas brand of engine oil this yuletide and beyond and be glad you did. Merry Christmas to you all.

Tonimas, Trust our name in materials and services!

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