Commentary: Biography Of Late Jeremiah Chukwujioke Muojama

Commentary: Biography Of Late Jeremiah Chukwujioke Muojama

Mr. Chukwujioke Muojama was born in 1922 to the family of Muojama Esiobu of Umueze Village, Neni. His mother, Nwanyiafo Esiobu (from Nnokwa), having converted to Christianity, got him baptized and named him Jeremiah. Jeremiah Chukwujioke Muojama, fondly called J. C Muojama, was one of the privileged young Neni boys of his days to go to school.

However, his education was variously obstructed by some local and international situations, including the First World War from 1914 to 1918), the recession and Great Depression of the twenties, as well as the Second World War (1939-1945). Those notwithstanding, J. C. Muojama attended Nnobi Central School, where he completed his Standard Six.

In 1950, Mr. J. C. Muojama proceeded to Onitsha to try his hands in business, under the name “JEMOLIJAH & BROS CO”. He was a successful businessman, dealing in Cycle Parts & Components. Kraftsland India appointed him as one of its representatives in Nigeria. He also established trade transactions with numerous business concerns in Japan, England, China, Belgium, New York, etcetera. He trained many people in business.

 Mr J. C. Muojama got married in 1958 to a teacher, Mrs. Comfort Ocha Eziuzo from Umudioka Village Neni and they wedded in 1961 at St. Andrews Anglican Church Odoakpu, Onitsha

The civil war disrupted his business, leading to his relocation back to Neni. After the war, Mr. J. C. Muojama took up the position of the Managing Director in the Block Industry section of Neni Ifunanya Consumer and Co-operative Society Limited, of which he was a member. His appointment ended in 1979. He thus relocated to Awka, where he became a pool agent and also continued trading on general goods.

Mr. J. C. Muojama showed remarkable interest in politics. He was a member of Zikist National Vanguard, Onitsha Division. He was elected and sworn-in as a member of the Neni Local Council on November 16, 1958. He was a member of NCNC and participated in the federal election of 1959.

He became a member of the Nigerian Peoples Party (NPP) in the eighties, and later joined the National Republican Convention (NRC). He was also a member of the Akwaeze Customary Court in the Anaocha.

As a community leader, he was a member of Neni Town Union as well as secretary of Umueze Progressive Union (UPU), and, more importantly, a member of the Hall Building Committee of UPU in 1958. He was on several occasions the chairman of Umuowa Family Union.

J. C. Muojama was a devout Christian, a Lay Reader and an Elder in the Saint Thomas’ Anglican Church, Neni. He served on various committees of the Church, including Standing and Parochial Committees and participated in numerous Church Synods. He was the General Secretary of St. Thomas C.M.S. Neni School Committee in 1958.

 Mr. J. C. Muojama was a stickler for record-keeping. He had in his personal archives an avalanche of files properly labeled and containing letters, certificates, and other classified and declassified documents, on numerous subjects, ranging from education, business, community development, religion, politics, court cases to insurance, among other fields.

He was a strong man and every inch a warrior. Mr J.C Muojama retired from active business and returned home in 2007 to closely participate in and contribute to leadership and development of the community and the church.

He died on July 11, 2021, at the age of 99. Left to mourn him are: children – Mrs. Joy Ekwenugo, Mr. Arinze Muojama, Mrs. Ruth Chibuzo, Engineer Jeremiah Muojama, Mr. Ikechukwu Gabriel Muojama and Dr. Olisa Muojama. Others are twenty-five grandchildren, two great grandchild and George Muojama (brother).

Mr. J. C. Muojama will be laid to rest tomorrow, Saturday, September 11, 2021 after funeral service at St. Thomas’ Anglican Church, Neni by 10 am.

May his Soul Rest in Perfect Peace!


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