Commentary: Be A First Aid Hero In School And Community

Commentary: Be A First Aid Hero In School And Community

World First Aid Day is observed on the second Saturday of September, every year. The International Federation of Red Cross believes that First Aid should be accessible to all, including the most vulnerable. World First Aid Day is celebrated to raise public awareness of how First Aid can save lives in everyday and crisis situations.

This day is also celebrated to encourage First Aid training for all and raising awareness about the importance of First Aid required in accidents. First Aid training provides more than the knowledge and skills for effective response. It also provides the confidence to act when needed. The theme for this year is: Be A First Aid Hero At School And In Your Community.

Historically, Henry Dunant, a young Geneva businessman, on June 24, 1859, witnessed horrifying suffering following the battle of Solferino. He secured them with the necessary materials and supplies and helped in the establishment of temporary hospitals. His book, “A Memory of Solferino”, inspired the establishment of the International Committee of the Red Cross in 1863.

First Aid is the immediate assistance given to anyone who suffers from either minor or serious illness or injury, with care provided to preserve life, prevent the condition from worsening, or to promote recovery. The purpose of First Aid is to minimize injury and future disability. In serious cases, First Aid may be necessary to keep the victim alive before a doctor arrives.

Celebrating the World First Aid Day is very simple. You should know how to use a First Aid Kit, which is vital during emergencies. First Aid training can now be easily learned through the means of the internet. You should utilize this World First Aid Day to learn the importance of First Aid.

First Aid knowledge and skills must be made available to all. More people and volunteers should have the capacity to provide quality First Aid in community-based services. Simple First Aid skills and the confidence to use them can save lives, if properly trained. Appropriate training and knowledge are, however, necessary for giving First Aid to an injured person.

The five main aims of first aid are: to Preserve Life, Prevent the escalation of the illness or injury; Promote Recovery; Pain Relief and Protect the unconscious.

Home accident is a sudden situation of emergency that occurs in the house or home where people are living. Types of domestic accident include Fire Disaster, Flood Disaster; Domestic Violence; Electric Shock or Electrocution; Building Collapse; Windstorm; Arm Robbery Invasion and Carbon Monoxide Suffocation. Others are Asthmatic Attack; Hypertension; Dog, Rat, Snake, Scorpion and other Venomous Insects bite; Arson and Sudden Bad News.

The consequences are Burns, Drowning, Cuts, Bleeding, Broken Bones, Rabies, Venomous Reactions, Fainting, Nasal and Cardiovascular Congestions. The immediate contingency are: Well Stocked First Aid Box, Fire Extinguisher, Safety Measures such as: Checking the Homes and its environs regularly; switching off electrical gadgets when not in use; covering all the pits, well and tanks around; always locking refrigerators and gas cylinders. Equally, keep lighters, matches and other inflammable materials away from children; Cut down bushes and flowers around Homes to avoid snakes and other reptile’s invasion.

Also, Buy kerosene from Filing Stations or recognized persons to avoid adulterated products and explosion, Tempers must be under control to avoid fight and fisticuffs at Homes; Do not engage your spouse in a domestic violence which could lead to emergency or culpable homicide. In addition, Clear gutters around your Homes and leaking roofs; Install iron gates or burglary proof on your doors and windows for safety from night marauders; Above all, always check the source of your drinking water.

Support the Red Cross to provide first aid in schools and communities as first aid saves lives!

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