Commentary: Anambra, Savouring Democracy Dividends Under Obiano

Commentary: Anambra, Savouring Democracy Dividends Under Obiano

In Nigeria and even elsewhere, Ndi Anambra are always on the move. Anambra has a large concentration of men and women who have travelled virtually to all parts of the globe. The experiences garnered from years of travelling in search of ways to conquer the world in all ramifications have paid off handsomely with Ndi Anambra setting records across the globe. And there is an axiom that wherever you go and you do not see an Igboman, nay Onye Anambra there, then that place is not habitable.

That is also why the government of Anambra state has placed great value on infrastructural development that aids the movement of people and goods, especially roads and bridges. Ndi Anambra do not want their movement restricted while they go about their daily activities. So, since he came on board, the 66-year-old Governor Willie Obiano understands the need to “Connect Ndi-Anambra”.

Hence, governor Obiano has recorded in history what are impossible and undoable since the creation of Anambra thirty years ago. Previous administrations and even some politicians felt that an airport was an aberration and waste of resources, even when records show that citizens from Anambra are the major patronizers of neighbouring airports. But Akpokuedike, a well-travelled administrator and banker of repute thought otherwise. Thus, within 15 months he put up, not just an airport, but an international cargo and passenger airport at Umueri, knowing that Ndi Anambra are unrepentant globetrotters, travellers and those always in a move.

Furthermore, in seven years and some months, Sir Willie has constructed roads and bridges that seemed impossible due to erosion and poor geographical locations. The 290 meters Enugu-Otu Bridge across the Omabala River, the longest bridge in the Southeast; the Umueje bridge and the Iyiora bridge, located in Anam, which are the three major bridges that open Anambra, especially the agrarian communities and the Anambra oil fields, speak volumes of a foresighted man, who is committed to positioning Anambra as State on the move in the country.

It is a thing of joy that about fifteen Bridges and over 700 kilometers of roads have been delivered to Ndi Anambra. The most surprising of Governor Obiano’s exploits in Roads and Bridges construction is the fact that he is touching all local government areas simultaneously as each of the area councils have major completed and ongoing road/bridge projects across the State.

Akpokuedike equally established and equipped the Anambra Road Maintenance Agency (ARMA) to fix dilapidated roads. The agency has promised that once the rains subside, there will be radical and aggressive maintenance and fixing of dilapidated roads across the state in the “Operation Zero Pothole” campaign.

What is even more refreshing is that Governor Obiano knows how suffocating it could be when public power supply goes off at night. Sights of dejection sweep out and the neighbourhoods wear a ghostly look before the noise of generators restore spots of life. Thus, the blackness of night has been giving way to the shine of Street bulbs in the Light Up Anambra project on the beautiful roads and bridges constructed.

For Governor Obiano, the aspiration to take the front row in civilization does not preclude taste for aesthetics. Executed in three phases of 100 kilometers each, Anambra presently parades about 1000 kilometers of street lights across urban and rural roads.

To conserve energy, the pole wings were fitted with LED bulbs. The capacity of the bulbs varies, depending on location. In concentrated areas, 200 watts are in use. The illumination achieves ripple effect on Anambra`s security gains.

With less cover for criminality, there is reduced threat to life and property. This has translated into increased business hours. The State`s economy is not hurting from that. And there is the sheer delight of the scenery. Overhead, the skies glitter in a festival of lights. The artery of colourful Street lights roll backs the shadows of primitive existence and dazzle. The mix of nature and nurture leave splendour of beauty.

As Ndi Anambra celebrate Governor Willie Obiano, a celebrated sexagenarian banker and administrator at 66, the best they can do is to endeavor to replace him with another celebrated administrator, banker, first class economist and sexagenarian. Sir Willie, age with grace.