Commentary: An Open Prose To Ndi-Anambra On Professor Soludo

Commentary: An Open Prose To Ndi-Anambra On Professor Soludo

There is a vision deeply rooted in greater Anambra state that on November 6, 2021, an Economist shall be voted in as the Governor of Anambra state. By so doing, the age-long desire for continuality of good governance in the state will rise up and live out the true ideology meaning of its ‘light of the Nation’ creed   through Professor Chukwuma Soludo, the vindicator of our time.

The vision is that Ndi Anambra long for it, and seek it, because when they become beneficiaries of the act of good governance, which Professor Soludo will provide as one of his fundamental manifestoes, they will know joy, immeasurable joy, depending on their capacity to absorb the rays emanating from the good governance.

Reflecting on good governance, several visionary questions run through our minds. What is good governance? From where does it spring and flow? Is there one who has the capacity to improve on the delivery of good governance in Anambra state? Yes! He is Professor Chukwuma Soludo, the man that read thoroughly the Act of economies.

He is a vindicator per economist excellence. A vindicator expert who studied the ‘micro and ‘mica’ relationships between a society’s resources and its optimal  output, a professor vindicator economist who knew the act of societies, ranging from small, local communities to entire nations and even the global economy.

Thus, in the next four years, the vindicator’s economic data analysis and research findings will be rolled out as a vital tool to empower, promote and forester wide varieties of economic business policies, employment programs, international trade agreement and corporate strategies for Ndi-Anambra.

It will be on record that, in less than 1,460 days, the Gross Domestic Product of Ndi-Anambra will grow in geometrical progression, which will bring about accessibility, affordability and availability reach of goods and services, in order to identify potential economic trends development for Ndi Anambra. And we hold these truths to be an admissible self-evident that Professor Soludo is the visionary economic vindicator of Ndi –Anambra come November 6, 2021.

There is a vision that on November 6, 2021, there will be a four-year of a greater Anambra state, by the vindicator, in whose symbolic shadow Ndi Anambra will vote, to sign the economic pact and proclamation of continuity of improved good governance. On that day, the votes of Ndi-Anambra for Professor Soludo shall be a momentous irrevocable decree that will come as a great beacon of hope to millions of new starters in the state, including the weak and the poorest of the poor as well as general economic transforming of the state into an oasis of commercial hub of Africa.

No doubt, Ndi-Anambra are not unmindful that they have been the commercial veterans of various creative ventures East of Niger and Professor Soludo has come to continue  the work with an innovative economic faith that  will transform Anambra into an economic Eldorado state.

On 6th November, 2021, Professor Soludo, with his wealth of experience and knowledge, exemplified by the reconsolidation of the Nigerian Banking Sector, will continue the economic transformation of the present administration in the state. It is hoped that Professor Charles Soludo, within his first four years in office, will vindicated those who voted for him across the state. The industrial hub of Anambra will continue to be made straight and more evergreen economically.

There is a vision that when Ndi Anambra vote in Professor Soludo as the Governor of Anambra State, his economic ideology freedom shall ring bell  across all the three senatorial zones in the state, in every tenement and hamlet.

Adults will sing a song of economic emancipation, children, young men and women; old people alike will join hands in one accord to sing economic freedom song at last. This is a vision galvanized, that with the support of Ndi-Anambra to Professor Soludo, they will smile under his economic vindicator policies. A vote for Soludo is assured for he has the solution.


»Commentary: An Open Prose To Ndi-Anambra On Professor Soludo«

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