Clutter Achieves 25 percent Improved Efficiency with Hiver

Clutter, the fastest-growing moving and storage provider in the US, started using Hiver – the world’s first helpdesk designed for Google Workspace.

With Hiver, the team significantly streamlined their email workflows and improved efficiency, thereby responding to emails 25% faster than before.

The People Team at Clutter handles a large volume of employee-related emails on a daily basis.

Initially, the team was using a shared Gmail Inbox to manage these emails.

They used to manually forward emails to each other, and every team member would individually spend time reviewing each incoming employee request or concern.

However, they soon started facing multiple issues with visibility and accountability.

Sometimes, multiple team members would respond to the same email by mistake, leading to email collision.

By implementing Hiver, the team at Clutter has been able to manage HR emails in a much more organized and efficient manner.

With Hiver, the team has streamlined the process of email assignments based on location and business unit.

They now instantly assign incoming emails to the correct representatives.

If a team member is out of office, they reassign the email to another team member, thereby preventing missed emails and delayed responses.

As a result, the team now responds to employee emails significantly faster, and saves 25 hours every month.

In addition to improving the team’s efficiency, Hiver has also given the team complete visibility into the ownership of emails, their status, and how workload is distributed within the team – fostering accountability.

Other features that have been game-changers for the team are Shared Drafts and Email Templates.

Hiver has been especially helpful for the team during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Any incoming email that contains the words ‘COVID’ or ‘COVID-19’ in the subject line or the email body is automatically tagged as ‘urgent’ and assigned to the first available team member for an immediate response.

Brennan Hicks, People Operations Project Manager, Clutter, said, “We’ve always focused on responding quickly and accurately to our team members, and with Hiver, we’ve only gotten better.

” He further added, “Hiver has come along as a trustworthy, discerning, and dependable sidekick that has helped us manage our emails better and faster.

“Niraj Ranjan Rout, Co-founder and CEO of Hiver, said, “Employees are the most important assets of a company – they are the ones responsible for its continued growth and success.

We, at Hiver, truly believe that employee wellbeing and experience is as important as the customer experience.

We’re glad that Hiver has helped the People Team at Clutter streamline employee queries and manage them more swiftly and effectively.

“About HiverHiver is a customer service solution built for Google Workspace that helps teams collaborate in a fast and efficient manner.

Its the most frictionless, natural way for teams to handle customer email communication as it works right inside Gmail.

It helps teams collaborate better and make sure all queries are answered on time by the right people.

To know more, please visit: hiverhq.


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