Club owner charges heckler who threw whole drink at comedian

Club owner charges heckler who threw whole drink at comedian

The proprietor of the bar where a heckler attacked a comic making fun of his pro-Trump wife with a beer can claimed he was going to press charges.

In Point Pleasant, New Jersey’s Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club, comic Ariel Elias was performing when a woman who supported Donald Trump started jeering at her.

The heckler’s spouse threw a beer can at the woman when Elias shot back at him, which prompted club owner Dino Ibelli to press charges against the guy.

Elias drank the can on stage as the audience applauded her, according to Ibelli, who said the guy fled the scene after throwing it at him.

Ibelli claimed, “She was a pro about it to take up the can and start drinking from it.” He said that he had given the Pleasant Beach Police access to the incident’s video tape. She’s a pro, oh my god, what she’s doing is fantastic.

A request for comment from was not immediately answered by the Pleasant Beach Police Department.

Elias joked that she had “never needed a drink more” in her life after the beer can was thrown at her.

The comic improvised and grabbed for the drink as she became concerned about the energy of the audience and the fact that she still had five minutes remaining of her routine.

She told Insider, “I guess my only option here is to down it. When I went down to pick up the can, I saw there was still some in there.”

When a female audience woman queried if Elias had voted for Donald Trump, the incident got out of hand.

Did I vote for Donald Trump? Elias asked. How do you feel? No, the woman said.

Okay, the comic replied.

I have a question for you: given that I am the only Jew in this room, why did you ask me that in here? Are you attempting to have me murdered?

“I vote in New York, but my vote doesn’t count there,” she said.

Then a man’s voice shouts, “It doesn’t matter here either,” in a loud voice.

Elias said, “I don’t care who you voted for, I’m just thrilled we’re all here together. Guys, vote for whomever you want to vote.”

The woman rejected Elias’ offer of reconciliation by remarking, “So you voted for Biden.”

Elias said indignantly, “I dunno, why does it matter?” Elias ultimately bowed to the heckler’s pressure and answered, “I dunno, why does it matter?”

I could easily tell by your jokes, you voted for Biden, the heckler said.

When she zinged the heckler with the words “Alright,” the Kentucky-born comic got the audience to its feet. I can tell you voted for Trump because you’re still talking when no one wants you to.

When Elias attempted to resume her performance, the heckler responded aggressively and said, “So disrespectful! requesting that I stop talking! Nobody was admonishing me to stop.

Making a noise will get her to stop talking, Elias determined to demonstrate her point. There was applause for the statement.

The comic acknowledged that she had invited audience members to offer questions throughout the performance.

Elias began her subsequent part by stating, “Here, I’ll tell you the remainder of that piece, and then we’ll go on,” in an effort to get the program back on track. I went and got an IUD because I’m so insecure.

The heckler’s husband then threw a beer can at the podium, missing her by a whisker and smashing into the exposed brick wall.

Come on, buddy, you can’t do that here, a man’s voice can be heard saying. After that, something happens off-screen.

To the amusement of the rest of the crowd, Elias recovered what was still in the beer can and drank it.

Later, the heckler’s “white trash spouse” was referred to by the official Uncle Vinnie’s Twitter account.

Prior to the encounter with the heckler, Elias said in an interview with Rolling Stone that her performance was not going well.

She said that a boisterous group of around 20 individuals celebrating a “Mexican-themed birthday” were “wearing false mustaches.” Before her act started, Elias said that they had been instructed to keep it down.

When the jeering started, Elias described her sentiments, saying, “I know where I am.

Instead of the letter “L,” a picture of a rifle appears in the club’s emblem. I reasoned, “Let me see where she tries to take it on her own, and maybe I can use it to get out of this.” She is obviously attempting to trap me into something.

Elias stated of the beer chug, “I knew I had to gulp it.

It blasted into the wall, and I was so grateful that there was still some inside. Even though I typically don’t drink before or during sets, I felt like this was a reasonable exemption since my adrenaline was also going nuts.

Elias, who resides in New York City, is a native of Kentucky, according to her official website. She was previously described as a “sly young comedian” by The New York Times.

Elias said that the Point Pleasant Police Department had visited the club to gather evidence in a Sunday interview with Buzzfeed.

She told the publication that as she exited the stage, fellow comic Gianmarco Soresi gave her a bear hug. Elias said that she informed her husband of the incident by calling him nearly immediately.

According to Elias, a member of the birthday group apologized to her for their actions and another audience member paid her $20.

Comedy A-listers responded favorably to Elias’ moves, with Jimmy Kimmel tweeting: “Five stars for this immaculate performance.”

While saying on Twitter that “Ariel wasn’t even performing political stuff,” Patton Oswalt The inebriated heckler wanted what every MAGAt wants: retribution and resentment. In order to get it, they will change reality in front of their eyes. You LOOK like a Biden supporter.

Elias tweeted that she had a reservation to visit Uncle Vinnie’s again in April, and Whitney Cummings replied: “Excellent, can I open for you?”

For all of you who want to make fun of comics for saying we didn’t sign up to be physically attacked and placed on a pedestal, take a peekie poo, Cummings tweeted the can-throwing video. Ariel Comey, you’re a gentleman.

George Takei, a Star Trek actor, referred to Elias as a “hero among us” in a tweet.

I’d really love it if someone could simply tell my instructors that sipping a beer has really been wonderful for my career, Elias said in a tweet about the encounter.

She said to Rolling Stone that she does not alter who she is or how she presents herself. Additionally, I don’t really discuss politics on stage because that isn’t what I want my stand-up to be about.

But I come from a southern Jewish background, and I speak a lot about being a woman and body image, she said. I really believe I’m skilled enough at this to amuse those who disagree with me. So certainly,

I have been irritated by crowds, a few people have left, and sometimes someone screams. But I’ve never received a free beer half in exchange.

»Club owner charges heckler who threw whole drink at comedian«

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