Clementine Ford criticizes men who criticize other blokes who dare to wear dresses

Clementine Ford criticizes men who criticize other blokes who dare to wear dresses

Clementine Ford has released a furious tirade against males who criticize other guys for wearing dresses, alleging they fear being attracted to them.

Christian Wilkins, the son of veteran TV presenter Richard Wilkins, has been celebrated for his red carpet looks, including this cream floor-length gown he wore to the 2022 Logies
Guys who identify make-up and ‘feminine’ clothing with women are more likely to ridicule other men who wear dresses out of fear of being attracted to them or being ‘tricked’ by them, according to a feminist pundit.

Jed McIntoish, Bachelor star and musician, and Harry Garside, Olympic boxer, are among the growing number of straight guys who choose to express themselves with traditionally ‘feminine’ clothing, makeup, and nail polish.

Garside and McIntosh have joined a rising number of heterosexual guys who disdain traditional notions of masculinity.

Ms. Ford condemned the males who made fun of people who dared to show their masculinity differently on Facebook earlier this week.

‘Because they firmly identify make-up and “feminine” clothing with women, and because they view women as things for their consumption, they dread becoming ATTRACTED to a man they believe to be presenting himself in feminine ways. Worse, they could be TRICKED by one,’ she added.

Clementine Ford (pictured) took to Facebook earlier this week to condemn the men who made a mockery of those who dared to express their masculinity in a different way

She stated, “I believe what truly terrifies the cis men threatened by other men liberating themselves from strict masculine expression is not that these men are diminishing themselves, but rather that they are FREEING themselves.”

Christian Wilkins, the son of legendary Australian television broadcaster Richard Wilkins, has been praised for his red carpet attire, such as this floor-length cream gown he wore to the 2022 Logies.

This past week, Clementine Ford (pictured) turned to Facebook to chastise the males who made fun of people who dared to exhibit their masculinity in a different way.

This reminds males who have not yet performed this task of their emotional oppression.An increasing number of straight men are choosing to express themselves in traditionally 'feminine' clothes, make-up and nail polish, including Bachelor star Jed McIntoish (pictured)

What does it indicate about the urge many men have to view women as inferior if embracing things women enjoy and are connected with can be liberating for them?

Ms. Ford stated that if a man’s sense of masculinity is endangered by “a bit of lipstick, eyeliner, and some fabric,” it may not be as strong as they believe.

She said, “A man who is truly at ease in his own skin and confident in his manhood would not feel threatened by any of this.”

Frankly, the world needs a great deal more guys who are willing to play with aesthetics, color, and pleasure than men who maintain systems and personal perspectives that enforce their emotional repression.Harry Garside, an Olympic boxer, said it was time for men to start embracing their uniqueness calling it a 'superpower' (he is pictured with his partner Ash Ruscoe)

Christian Wilkins, son of television broadcaster Richard Wilkins, has gained notoriety for wearing ‘feminine’ attire that challenges certain individuals’ conceptions of masculinity.

At the 2022 Logies, the socialite wore a backless, floor-length cream dress and was accused of “normalizing” the idea that men can wear dresses.

A growing number of straight guys, including Bachelor star Jed McIntoish, are expressing themselves through traditionally ‘feminine’ clothing, makeup, and nail polish

The anonymous user @SaraVic333 wrote, “Men wearing women’s clothing is not normal,” adding, “STOP normalizing this bulls**t!!!

The trend-setter responded by mocking the dramatic reactions of certain individuals to males who enjoy wearing gowns, makeup, and nail polish.

What is going on in the world!!! Masculinity is coming to an end!! Burn everything!!’ he wrote to the ecstatic approval of his Twitter followers.

Christian’s father has praised him for his unique approach.

“To anyone who tries to imply that I am ‘ashamed’ of my kid Christian in any way… for whatever reason… You are in error! Mr. Wilkins published on Instagram.

“I could not be prouder!” He is a remarkable individual who will leave his mark on the world long after his critics have vanished. I adore you without condition,’ he said.

Olympic boxer Harry Garside stated that it was time for men to recognize their individuality as a “superpower

Olympic boxer Harry Garside recently spoke out about embracing his femininity as a straight guy and his desire to dispel damaging prejudices.

Garside, a skilled counter-puncher who has made a significant impact on experts since turning pro last year, is well-known for his penchant for nail polish and dresses as part of his drive to be himself regardless of what others say.

The 25-year-old wore an Armani skirt to the GQ Man of the Year Awards and told the Herald Sun that he wants to empower people’s ‘individuality’ and ‘uniqueness.’

He told the journal, “I truly believe that as a society we should be supporting individuality, uniqueness, and the herd supporting that, as opposed to the herd supporting people who feel the need to conform and be like everyone else.”

As an adult, you realize that being different is actually a superpower, but as a child, you feel the need to comply.


»Clementine Ford criticizes men who criticize other blokes who dare to wear dresses«

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