Christina Bobb accuses on far-right networks a day after the raid

An attorney for Donald Trump who was there when FBI agents were taking papers from Mar-a-Lago claimed the Department of Justice (DOJ) may pursue ‘bogus charges’ against her boss in a pair of Tuesday interviews.

The day after the former president’s residence was seized by federal officials, lawyer and TV personality Christina Bobb made the charge without providing any more facts during two appearances on far-right, Trump-friendly networks.

That evening, his son Eric Trump informed Fox News that the unannounced operation was related to materials that the National Archives was looking for.

Bobb said the agents were “respectful” but stressed that the former president had committed no crime while speaking to Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN).

They were courteous and, as far as I can tell, replaced what they had taken with what they had discovered. They went through everything, she said, adding that there were a lot of them.

Later, Bobb said, “There are no crimes committed, and there are no crimes here.”

There is no guarantee that something wasn’t planted, Bobb said in response to a question on Real America’s Voice about whether evidence may have been “placed.”

The lawyer said, ‘I’m not claiming that’s what they did.

In addition, Bobb told RSBN that only ‘at least one other’ attorney and herself were on the premises.

Nobody really anticipated this to occur since President Trump and his legal staff have been incredibly accommodating to everything the FBI and Department of Justice have asked to accomplish,

They have already permitted the FBI and DOJ access to the property. Let them see whatever it was that they want, you know.

In light of the fact that we had never before withheld anything from them, the raid was thus needless and quite excessive.

At the time, the former president was in New York City’s Trump Tower.

The DOJ was looking into whether Trump handled secret materials improperly, it was disclosed in May.

The National Archives requested an investigation from the government after discovering 15 boxes of documents from Mar-a-Lago earlier this year, some of which were marked “top secret.”

When Trump departed office in January 2021, according to the Archives, they were supposed to be handed over.

According to CNN, federal investigators paid a rare in-person visit to Mar-a-Lago in June and demanded to examine the chamber where papers were being stored as well as speak with staff members about how they were handled.

It’s unclear what federal officials searched for or precisely found on Monday, but according to Bobb, there was nothing important left at Trump’s Florida getaway.

“We looked through everything, but nothing substantial was there.”

The lawyer and anchor of One America News stated, “So if they attempt to pretend that there was anything truly damaging, it will be extremely disturbing to me.”

However, I believe that they will likely make up a false accusation with little to no supporting evidence.

She speculated that maybe any documents marked “classified secret” had been found, but swiftly added that she thought they would be meaningless.

Democrats have applauded the raid as a crucial step in holding the former president responsible, while pro-Trump and establishment Republicans have united in their fury over it.

On Monday evening, Trump himself issued a long statement in which he revealed the raid and claimed he was the target of political persecution.

Through his Save America PAC, Trump said, “These are sad times for our Nation, as my magnificent house, Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, is presently under siege, raided, and seized by a huge number of FBI agents.”

I confronted America’s bureaucratic corruption, gave the people back their authority, and actually delivered for our nation in a way that had never been seen before.

The ruling class despised it. They are now attempting to stop me and the Republican Party once again as they see my backed candidates score significant wins and observe my dominance in all polls.

It is necessary to expose and put an end to the lawlessness, political persecution, and witch hunt.

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