Chris Russo believes Georgia’s Stetson Bennett will win the crown at the age of 25

Chris Russo believes Georgia’s Stetson Bennett will win the crown at the age of 25

Chris Russo opposes the notion of Stetson Bennett, age 25, winning consecutive college football championships.

This week, numerous comparisons have been made between Bennett’s age and that of various NFL and non-NFL sportsmen. This weekend’s postseason starters Brock Purdy, Trevor Lawrence, Jalen Hurts, and Justin Herbert are all younger than him. After Georgia defeated TCU, 65-7, on SiriusXM’s “Mad Dog Unleashed,” Russo criticized this as unfair competition.

Russo stated, “I have a major issue with Stetson Bennett playing college football at the age of 25.” “I can see it a year out. The previous year, he won. Burrow was 23 almost 24 years old when he won. But at age 25 and Georgia quarterback, he should have departed after last season.

“I had no idea he was so old. I understand that we have Australian punters who are 50 years old. But I have an issue with a 25-year-old competing against teenagers of 19 years of age. When Chris Weinke was 28 and won the Heisman Trophy while playing for Florida State, I had an issue with it. I did not vote for him because of this.”

Chris Russo is outraged that Stetson Bennett has won consecutive national championships at Georgia at the age of 25.

Russo acknowledged that Bennett’s tale was compelling, but he had had enough.

The “Mad Dog” said, “And I understand that Bennett’s story is a hell of a story.” “Everyone is familiar with walk-ons and being asked to leave. I am aware of that. However, he is older than ten NFL quarterbacks! He’s older than Justin Herbert, Jalen Hurts. He shares Lamar Jackson’s age. And it’s not as if he didn’t win the previous year. He won the previous year.”

Russo questioned where the border lies, stating that Bennett is an adult and not a child.

Stetson Bennett, who is 25 years old, is older than four NFL quarterbacks beginning this weekend’s postseason games.

“At 40, can you still play?” he inquired. “What is the deadline?” When do we observe a collegiate athlete and remark, “This is ridiculous”? He’s this old and he’s competing against teenagers aged 19 to 20? This is ludicrous. What age is she? Thirty? There must come an age at which enough is enough. Thirty-one? When do we begin to believe that a man with 11 years of age experience has a physical and mental edge over his rivals?


»Chris Russo believes Georgia’s Stetson Bennett will win the crown at the age of 25«

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