Cholera Outbreak Claims Two More Lives in Hammanskraal, Death Toll Reaches 17

Cholera Outbreak Claims Two More Lives in Hammanskraal, Death Toll Reaches 17

...By Roland Peterson for TDPel Media.

Cholera Outbreak in Hammanskraal: Death Toll Rises to 17

At least two additional fatalities have been reported in the Hammanskraal region, bringing the death toll from the cholera outbreak to 17 as of 18:00 on Tuesday, 23 May.


The Gauteng Health Department has provided an update on the situation, revealing that there have been 29 laboratory-confirmed cases of cholera and 67 patients admitted to the hospital due to gastrointestinal infections.

The Jubilee District Hospital has attended to 165 patients, including 18 individuals who were transferred to other health facilities in Tshwane.

Importance of Hand Hygiene and Symptoms to Watch For

In light of the ongoing outbreak, the provincial health department has emphasized the importance of practicing proper hand hygiene.

They urge the public to thoroughly wash their hands with water and soap or use alcohol-based sanitizers, especially before handling food and after using the bathroom.

Additionally, individuals are encouraged to seek medical assistance at the nearest health facility if they experience symptoms such as diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, or dehydration.

Avoiding Contaminated Food and Water

To prevent the spread of cholera, the department reiterates its plea to the public to refrain from consuming food or water that is known or suspected to be contaminated.


Taking these precautionary measures can significantly reduce the risk of contracting the disease and contribute to the containment of the outbreak.

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