Chinese actress denies bullying two children born to  surrogates from Colorado

Chinese actress denies bullying two children born to surrogates from Colorado

A contentious celebrity custody dispute that is taking place in Denver has escalated to a significant scandal in China.

Shuang Zheng, 31, who after appearing in the TV series Meteor Shower is regarded as a megastar actress in her native China, denies harming her two surrogate children who were born in Colorado.

Heng Zhang, one of the most well-known reality TV producers in China, claims that Zheng intended to abort the children after the couple split while their two surrogate moms were still carrying them. Additionally, he claims that while under Zheng’s care, the kids were physically assaulted.

The couple wed in America in January 2019, and in December of that year and in January of the following year, they had a boy and a daughter via two surrogate moms.

Although surrogacy is illegal in China, some Chinese couples, particularly those who are wealthy, are choosing to travel abroad to have surrogate children on their behalf.

However, the couple had split up two months before to the birth of their children. Zhang later admitted that despite his offer to raise their children alone, his ex-partner decided to get an abortion.

Chinese megastar actress Shuang Zheng, 31, has been charged by her ex-husband and reality TV producer Heng Zhang, 34, with physically abusing her two children who were born in Colorado via surrogate.

One day, after his kid had returned from visiting his mother, Zhang spotted a burn under his son’s nose.

The couple’s kid also required multiple stitches after receiving cuts on one of her fingers.

I explained to her that I knew you were a celebrity and didn’t want anyone to know you had a surrogate child in the US, he claimed.

After their two-year separation, the producer claimed that Zheng had abandoned their two children and refused to sign the documents that would have allowed them to leave for China.

In September 2019, Zheng asserted that Zhang was cheating on her while Zhang refuted the accusations. Later, she went back to China alone, while Zhang stayed in Denver with his family.

A custody dispute was then guaranteed. Zhang claimed that Zheng abandoned the family in America, therefore she applied for custody in 2020.

One of China’s most well-known reality TV producers, Heng Zhang, wed Zheng in the United States in 2018.

In December 2019 and January 2020, Zheng (left) and Zhang (right) welcomed a boy and a daughter via surrogacy. However, the clinic Zheng hired acknowledged that the actress intended to have the pregnancies terminated at the seventh month.

According to Today Online, the reproductive center that Zheng used is also asserting that it is owed $68,000 for the successful surrogacy. Additionally, the clinic confirmed that Zheng’s request to end the pregnancies in the seventh month was turned down.

The clinic also claimed that the actress wanted to set up regular payments so she could raise her kids here rather than send them back to China.

But the allegations pale in comparison to Zheng’s most recent one, which he filed in court after noticing injuries on his kids.

Zhang told CBS News, “The last six months both of my children got really badly hurt while they stay with my ex- girlfriend’s,” noting that his daughter had stitches for a finger burn and his infant son seemed to have a burn beneath his nose.

The producer went on to say that his ex-explanations partner’s for the injuries are contradictory and that his kids are becoming more and more terrified of their mother.

“No, don’t go dad,” my son pleaded desperately. Go home with me. I’m scared. I’m scared of sobbing and my mother,” Zhang added. He told me that mama did it, so I phoned child protective services.

After starring in the 2009 television series Meteor Shower, Zheng became well-known in China (pictured)

Zheng has been placed on a government blacklist in China as a result of the surrogacy controversy and tax evasion of almost $2.3 million in 2021. Prada, an Italian luxury company, has dumped her.

The father said he was speaking out because child protective services did not look into his claims.

“I want everyone in Colorado to be aware of this tale. We want to protect our children before they are harmed, not after they have been harmed and the department has begun an investigation, at which point it is too late, Zhang added.

In a statement released by her lawyers at Sherman & Howard, Martha Timmers and Madeleine Rosengrants, Zheng refutes the allegations made by her ex-husband.

The statement states, “Shuang Zheng categorically denies she has ever abused or neglected her children.”

Zheng, meantime, was found guilty of evading taxes totaling around $2.3 million in 2021.

She has been blacklisted and forbidden from appearing in public as a result of her surrogacy issue and listing by Chinese state regulators as one of “actors with poor conduct.” All ongoing public activities associated with her entertainment profession have also been required to be canceled.

According to Reuters, the Italian luxury brand Prada announced in January 2021 that it had severed ties with the actress.

»Chinese actress denies bullying two children born to surrogates from Colorado«

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