Challenging the Status Quo: Baroness Casey Condemns Met Commissioner’s Response to Institutional Racism

Challenging the Status Quo: Baroness Casey Condemns Met Commissioner’s Response to Institutional Racism

...By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

Baroness Casey criticizes Met Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley for dismissing institutional racism


Met Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley has faced strong criticism from Baroness Louise Casey, the author of a damning report on the Metropolitan Police Force.

Baroness Casey accused Sir Mark of being “crazy” and “disrespectful” to black Londoners by refusing to acknowledge that the force is institutionally racist.

In her report, she highlighted institutional racism, misogyny, and homophobia as deep-rooted issues within the Met that have resulted in numerous scandals.

Despite previously expressing her disappointment with Sir Mark’s response, Baroness Casey remains undecided about whether the force has taken her findings and recommendations for reform seriously enough.

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The need for acceptance and deep reflection for meaningful change

Baroness Casey emphasized the importance of acceptance and introspection for meaningful change to occur within the Met.


She stressed the need for the force to confront the reality reflected in the mirror, dig deep into its organizational culture, and identify areas that require change.

Without genuine reform, the Met will not be able to effectively police London’s diverse population, which consists of a significant number of individuals from black, minority ethnic backgrounds, and women.

Concerns about the Met’s response to the report

Baroness Casey expressed her reservations about whether the Metropolitan Police has taken her report seriously enough and implemented necessary actions to address the identified issues.

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She acknowledged her strong desire for the force to change but emphasized the importance of self-reflection and commitment to effecting real transformation.

Baroness Casey’s report and its revelations

Baroness Casey’s report was commissioned in response to the tragic kidnap, rape, and murder of Sarah Everard by former Met officer Wayne Couzens.

The report highlighted a range of concerns, including bullying, poor leadership, mistreatment of black Londoners, and incidents of misconduct within the force.


Baroness Casey pointed out incidents such as the placement of dildos in coffee mugs, the throwing of bags of urine at cars, and the ridicule and condescension faced by ethnic minority officers.

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She also criticized the decision to allow an officer convicted of indecent exposure to keep his job, describing it as “off the barometer.”

Furthermore, Baroness Casey warned that the protection of women had been disregarded, and the failings within Scotland Yard had permeated every level of the force.

Sir Mark Rowley’s response

While Sir Mark Rowley has acknowledged Baroness Casey’s findings and the existence of the problems highlighted in her report, he has chosen not to use the term “institutional” due to its politicized nature and varying interpretations.


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