Catholic archbishop: With new law, foundation of French bioethics ‘has been erased’

In addition to funding IVF treatments, the new law facilitates the creation of chimera animal-human embryos, as well as research on embryos and embryonic stem cells.

The text of the law also allows two women to be recognized as “equal mothers” if they have the proper paperwork notarized before the birth of a child via IVF.

But assisted reproduction for people who present as transgender women and the ROPA method, or “shared motherhood,” — in which the embryo is fertilized with the egg of one woman inside the uterus of the woman’s female partner for gestation — were excluded from the text of the law.

Moulins-Beaufort said: “Now that the law of our country authorizes new transgressions, it is more important than ever that each person finds the means of vigilance and personal discernment in order to make his or her choices in full awareness of their ethical consequences.”

“The satisfaction of a need — even a legitimate one — the principle of equality, the needs of scientific research, the fear of disability, cannot justify treating human beings as manipulable and disposable material.”

The French bishops had been vocal in their opposition to the bioethics bill.

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