Care company owner sends threatening emails to elderly woman and her family after complaint, official inquiry finds

Care company owner sends threatening emails to elderly woman and her family after complaint, official inquiry finds

...By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media.

A recent inquiry has revealed that the owner of a care company sent abusive and threatening emails to an elderly woman and her family after they raised concerns about her husband’s care.


The family claimed to have found their elderly relative, referred to as Mr C, in a filthy state and missing belongings while in the care home.

The home accused the family of raising concerns to avoid paying outstanding care fees and dismissed their complaint.

In a series of “contemptuous” emails, the care home’s owner threatened to seize goods from the woman’s property and declared that the family’s complaint was being dismissed.

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The Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman criticised the home’s response to the complaint.

Mr C had vascular dementia and was living in a care home in Derby, which was being run by Leicester-based company Pine View Care Homes Ltd at the time of the incident.

In March 2022, the elderly man moved out of the home, and the home changed hands since then.


In December 2021, Mr C’s daughter made a formal complaint about her father’s care.

The complaint accused the home of providing inadequate care, including the family finding faeces on Mr C’s hands and his walker, and claimed some of his belongings were missing.

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The care home rejected the complaint, and the home’s owner sent threatening emails to the family, accusing them of wanting to rip off the home’s residents.

The owner dismissed the family’s complaint and threatened punitive bailiff action.

The care provider said the Ombudsman did not find any fault with the care provided, but there were gaps in the record-keeping by the home.

The provider refused to apologise and pay the family £150 for the distress caused.

The Ombudsman issued an Adverse Findings Notice against the provider for its failure to comply with recommendations.

The provider intends to take legal action against the family for alleged unpaid debts.

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The family has paid the invoices, except £570 for the missing belongings.

The Ombudsman shared its findings with the Care Quality Commission.

The incident shows that care homes must provide excellent care for their residents, and when mistakes happen, complaints must be handled appropriately.

Care providers must respond to complaints with professionalism and maturity, and care must be taken to maintain accurate records of care.

The Ombudsman’s actions indicate the seriousness of the home’s response to the complaint and sends a message to other care providers about the standards expected of them.


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