Cardi B deletes her Twitter and Instagram accounts

Cardi B has deactivated her Twitter and Instagram accounts after a Twitter spat with users who chastised her for skipping the Grammy Awards in 2022.

It all started when fans saw Cardi wasn’t at the Grammys, despite the fact that her fans expected her to be there.

Following her fans’ outrage during her Grammys squabble,

“My point is, why hype us up if you know [you’re] not going from the start?” a fan wrote. “I’m sorry, but [Cardi B] needs to take her followers more seriously. This is getting insane.”

“When did I hype y’all up?” Cardi B responded. When and where did I ever make any hints? Are you all right? I’m not going to an award presentation unless I have a new song to sing or if my album hasn’t been released.”

“You could’ve stated that, as fans who barely get fed WE WANT TO SEE YOU, what do you expect, you could’ve said something period,” one fan said.

“Unmmmmm wtf you want me to say I been putting on my IG stories where I been at…,” Cardi shot back. I’m at my house, and I’m in New York the f***k.”

“Your work is literally music and it’s just like you don’t care about it anymore you’ve been acting like you don’t care about it you’ve been acting like you don’t care about it you’ve been acting like you don’t care about it you’ve been acting like you don’t care about it you’ve.

“Bitch suck d**k and go do some homework the f***k,” Cardi responded.

Cardi went on to label her fans “stupid” as she resumed her tirade.

“You guys are sooo stupid, I truly don’t like you…

On Twitter, she posted, “SUCK MY D***.”

Cardi then told one enraged admirer to “drink acid.”

Cardi then cursed the mother of a Twitter user.

“I guess your son wouldn’t appreciate you to be on your a** while taunting us fans and never dropping music,” the follower commented.

“I hope your moms die,” Cardi, who was nominated for Best Rap Performance, said.

She also chastised a Twitter user who claimed that one of her two children with Offset, 30, was autistic.

“Do you kiss your [autistic] child with that mouth, [Cardi B]?” In reaction to Cardi’s death-wish tweet, a Twitter user inquired.

“None of my kids are autistic,” Cardi B responded. Don’t f**k with my kids with what you’ve got.”

Cardi said shortly after that she would be deactivating her Twitter account to protect herself.

“I’m deleting my Twitter,” she said, “because on God, I despise this f**kin stupid fan base.” You got the slugs dragging my kids around because you [thought] I was going to the Grammys and I wasn’t, what the f**k?

“Remember when I indicated I was leaving? Stupid as a f**k. I’m afraid I can’t. “I have to defend myself.”

Her account has been deactivated. Her Instagram account is likewise unavailable on the social media network.

Cardi B later defended herself, explaining why she got “irritated” during an Instagram Live session before going off IG as well.

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