Cannibalism and Horror: Netflix’s “The Platform” Sparks Nausea in Viewers

Cannibalism and Horror: Netflix’s “The Platform” Sparks Nausea in Viewers

...By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

Netflix Horror Film “The Platform” Leaves Viewers Feeling Physically Sick


Netflix’s 2019 thriller “The Platform”, also known as “El Hoyo” in Spanish, has left viewers feeling nauseated.

The movie is set in a vertical prison where inmates are confined to one cell on each level.

The prison’s food platform, which descends from the top to the bottom, only offers leftovers to the prisoners.

Inmates have only two minutes per day to feed on whatever food is left on the platform.

As the platform descends, the food gets more and more rotten and picked over, making it difficult for prisoners to find anything to eat.

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A Disgusting and Gory Plot


The story follows the main character, Goreng, and his cellmate Trimagasi, who both live on level 48 but are soon moved to level 171.

Cannibalism is rampant in the prison, and the living conditions only get worse.

In one scene, a prisoner is shown eating her own dog, which is enough to make anyone feel sick.

The platform’s conditions and the film’s gory and disgusting plot have left many viewers feeling physically ill.

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Twitter Reactions

Several Twitter users expressed their disgust with the movie, with some even feeling the urge to vomit.

Despite the film’s release four years ago, many viewers are only just discovering the horror for themselves.

A few viewers shared their first impressions, calling the movie “sick” and questioning the film’s entire concept.


The viewers’ comments on Twitter serve as a warning to anyone who might want to watch the movie.


“The Platform” is a cautionary tale about the dangers of unchecked power and greed.

The movie’s depiction of a brutal and inhumane prison system is both unsettling and disturbing.

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The film’s portrayal of cannibalism is not for the faint of heart, and it is easy to see why viewers would feel physically sick after watching it.

The reactions on Twitter highlight the impact that the film has had on its audience.

While some may find the movie to be thought-provoking, others may find it too much to handle.

Regardless, “The Platform” is a movie that will stay with its viewers long after the credits roll.


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