By 2030, Putin aims to “absorb” Belarus, according to secret Russian documents

By 2030, Putin aims to “absorb” Belarus, according to secret Russian documents

According to allegedly leaked documents, Vladimir Putin intends to seize control of Belarus within the next seven years.

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The leaked classified dossier, which is from the summer of 2021, has plans for the incorporation of Belarus into the Russian Federation, which it describes as a chunk of “historical Russia.”

There are short-, medium-, and long-term strategies outlined in the document titled “Strategic Objectives of the Russian Federation in Belarus.” Yahoo! News and the German publication Sueddeutsche Zeitung both acquired it.

The long-term plan specifies that Belarus will formally join Russia in 2030. According to the medium-term plans, annexation would take place in 2025.

The ideas are reportedly the work of Russia’s Presidential Directorate for Cross-Border Cooperation.

They will be yet another illustration of Putin’s expansionist objectives after the takeover of four areas of Ukraine, if they are determined to be real.

Belarus essentially serves as Russia’s satellite state and served as a staging area for initial Ukrainian invasion attacks.

Alexander Lukashenko, the president of Belarus, has long been a Putin friend, but he has refrained from deploying soldiers across the border and directly joining the battle.

Lukashenko agreed to fight if Belarus is invaded at last week’s meetings between the two leaders in Moscow.

In only one circumstance, he declared, “If at least one soldier from there comes to Belarus to slaughter my people, I’m prepared to fight alongside the Russians from the land of Belarus.”

The primary takeaway from the meeting, however, was the resurgence of allegations that Putin has Parkinson’s disease since he was seen jerking his feet compulsively.

Official from the Ukrainian government Anton Gerashchenko shared a video and said: “During their meeting, Putin’s feet were seen. Is this using Morse?”

»By 2030, Putin aims to “absorb” Belarus, according to secret Russian documents«

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