Businessman Tortures Apprentice To Death Over Missing N1,000

When an apprentice, simply known as Sunday, was suspected of stealing N1,000, Uchechukwu descended on him, determined to get him to admit to the charge.

The guy was alleged to have killed in the process as he fled the community late Sunday.

On Saturday, January 8, 2022, the manager of Uchechukwu’s gas business, Blessing, noticed that N1,000 was missing from the total sales for the day.

Blessing demanded an explanation from Sunday, who was in charge of sales that day, in order to figure out how the money had vanished.

Godwin, another apprentice, claimed that Sunday’s response was poor, leading everyone, including Uchechukwu, to distrust him.

He said: “When Blessing asked him how N1,000 went missing, he said the money was with a customer who did not complete payment for refilling gas.

“Blessing told me to follow him to meet the customer to collect the money, but when we got there, the customer said the complete money was paid.

“The customer later said the money he owed us was for another item he bought in the shop. But Sunday never told us he sold the item to the customer on that Saturday.

“On Sunday, January 9, our boss got to know about what happened and when Sunday gave no reasonable explanation, he told me to take him home.

“While at the backyard, we heard Sunday screaming for help, but our boss continued to beat him and didn’t stop till he (boss) stepped out to meet us at the backyard around 1am.

“When we didn’t hear Sunday’s voice again, we thought he already had his bath and slept. We even saw him lying motionless on the floor and thought he had slept, but there was blood on his body.

“Our boss later told us to pack about N1 million he had at home and said he wanted us to quickly go to the shop to keep it.

“Three of us, except Sunday, left the house around 1am for the shop.

“But when we got there, our boss said he forgot the keys at home.

“I thought the N1 million was with Stanley as we returned home but on the way, he said we should be on our way to a hospital.

“So, we took his motorcycle and headed for the hospital.

“As we were about approaching the entrance to a street, he told me that the security guards might think we were armed robbers as the two of us were on the motorcycle.

“He told me to get down and walk to meet him at the front, but he sped off.

“Immediately, I knew something had happened to Sunday.

“I quickly went to meet Stanley and we went home and met Sunday’s corpse.

“We raised the alarm and reported to the Baale, who assisted in reporting to the police.”

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