Buffalo man rescued during a blizzard by a stranger loses all of his fingers to frostbite

Buffalo man rescued during a blizzard by a stranger loses all of his fingers to frostbite

All of a mentally handicapped Buffalo man’s fingers have been frostbitten after he was rescued by a nice stranger during the city’s fatal Christmas Eve blizzard.

According to relatives, Joey White, 64, endured multiple surgeries to treat his severe fourth-degree frostbite, but doctors were unable to preserve his fingers.

Sha’Kyra Aughtry, the kind Samaritan who discovered White on her porch and brought him inside, told CBS News last week, “He was so frozen.” “Ice balls literally encircled his hand,” she stated.

In the end, surgeons were obliged to amputate nearly all of Joey’s fingers, including his knuckles. According to his sister, he has one remaining thumb.

His sister stated that Joey had the mental capacity of a 10-year-old and is in a group home several blocks away from Aughtry’s residence.

That morning, he reportedly became frightened during the record-breaking snow storm that ravaged Western New York and ultimately claimed over thirty lives. He walked to his 40-year-old job as a janitor at a neighboring movie theater, but was trapped in the cold on his way home. It is unknown how long he was stranded outside before arriving at Sha’Kyra’s doorway.

Sha’Kyra begged her partner to unlock the door when she heard pounding and calls for aid outside during the ferocious winter storm.

Angela, Sha’Kyra’s sister, told The Post last month that the circumstance moved her to tears because it was hauntingly similar to when her brother, Darryal Aughtry, 30, crawled to her doorway after being shot almost four years earlier.

“She was like, ‘You know, that’s the same as if our brother had died’ — she can’t let that happen again.'” Angela, 32 years old, commented on Sha’Kyra’s interaction with White.

“[Sha’Kyra] reported that everything was repeated… How she heard [White] sobbing outside the door and couldn’t leave him there because our brother experienced the same thing

Angela stated, “She said that if Joey had been left outside for any longer, he would have frozen to death.”

Sha’Kyra repeatedly dialed 911 after bandaging Joey’s severely frostbitten hands, but extreme weather conditions prevented first responders from reaching them.

Joey spent Christmas Day with Sha’Kyra as a result. By evening, the mother was frantic. She posted a message on social media appealing for assistance in transporting Joey to the hospital. They arrived in the emergency room 36 hours later, where Joey underwent many procedures.

Yvone White stated that Sha’Kyra and her boyfriend’s humanitarian efforts saved Joey’s life.

“I feel that especially today, with the state of our nation, everything is just, you know, awful weather. This is awful, Yvone informed CBS. “It’s incredible to witness the compassion and love between two strangers.”


»Buffalo man rescued during a blizzard by a stranger loses all of his fingers to frostbite«

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