Brixton O2 Academy Faces Indefinite Closure after Fatal Crowd Crush

Brixton O2 Academy Faces Indefinite Closure after Fatal Crowd Crush

...By Henry George for TDPel Media.

Brixton O2 Academy may face permanent closure following a deadly crowd crush that occurred during a gig in December, leaving two people dead and another critically injured.


The Academy Music Group (AMG), the operator of the venue, had its license suspended for three months in January, and unless they take further steps to ensure the safe reopening of the venue, they could lose their license indefinitely.

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The Metropolitan Police has submitted an application for a review of the premises license to Lambeth Council, urging them to revoke the license completely.

The next council sub-committee meeting is scheduled for May 15.

AMG has submitted its own application for a variation of the license, which would allow it to stay open if approved.

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However, the police’s application states that allowing the venue to identify remedial steps to retain its license “has not been successful in identifying the remedial measures which need to be in place before the Academy can safely re-open.”

A health and safety review is also being held by Lambeth Council.


The fatal incident occurred during an Asake gig, and reports claim there was lax security, with concertgoers attempting to enter without tickets.

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The Met is investigating the incident and has appealed for footage to help establish why the deadly crowd crush occurred.

If the operator loses its license, another may step in.


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