Britvic’s Profit Growth Outpaces Sales: Successful Cost-Management Strategy Praised

Britvic’s Profit Growth Outpaces Sales: Successful Cost-Management Strategy Praised

...By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

Britvic’s Cost-Management Strategy Drives Profit Growth Amid Rising Ingredient Costs


Robinsons and Tango manufacturer, Britvic, has reported faster profit growth compared to sales, attributing it to the company’s effective cost-management strategy.

While revenue increased by 10.4% to £794.0 million, profits saw a more substantial growth of 20.3%, reaching £80.7 million.

This achievement is noteworthy considering the significant rise in the cost of key ingredients for Britvic, including a 40% surge in sugar prices and substantial increases in fruit prices.

Britvic’s success in achieving higher profit growth despite the challenges of rising ingredient costs demonstrates the effectiveness of their cost-management strategy.

The company’s ability to mitigate the impact of cost increases and optimize procurement processes has contributed to their financial performance.

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Cost-Mitigation Measures and Packaging Changes


Simon Litherland, the CEO of Britvic, outlined the various steps taken by the company to control costs.

In addition to improving procurement practices, Britvic implemented packaging changes to enhance cost efficiency.

For instance, they lightweighted the Ballygowan bottle, reducing costs.

Bringing brands like Rockstar and London Essence in-house also contributed to cost reduction.

Simon Litherland’s emphasis on cost mitigation measures and packaging changes reflects Britvic’s proactive approach in managing expenses.

By optimizing packaging and bringing certain brands in-house, the company has successfully controlled costs and maintained profitability.

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Success of Tango and Pepsi Max Drive Growth

Britvic highlighted the strong performance of Tango and Pepsi Max as key contributors to their growth.


Tango, in particular, was recognized as the fastest-growing fizzy fruit drink in the UK.

Looking ahead, Britvic plans to launch exciting marketing and innovation campaigns during the summer, including a partnership with Pepsi Max for the upcoming UEFA Champions League final.

Litherland expressed confidence in the company’s portfolio, investments, and talented team, indicating a positive outlook for future progress and value creation.

The success of Tango and Pepsi Max demonstrates Britvic’s ability to capitalize on popular beverage choices and consumer preferences.

The company’s commitment to marketing and innovation campaigns, along with strategic partnerships, positions them for continued growth and market expansion.

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Share Performance and Overall Outlook

Britvic’s positive financial results were reflected in the market, with shares experiencing a rise of 12.5p to 941p.

Litherland’s optimism about the future, highlighting Britvic’s strong portfolio, well-invested business, and talented team, underscores the company’s commitment to delivering value to all stakeholders.


The rise in share value following Britvic’s financial report indicates the market’s positive response to their performance.

Litherland’s confidence in Britvic’s potential for further progress and value creation reinforces the company’s optimistic outlook for the future.

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