British YouTuber Lord Miles Goes Missing: Rumors Surround His Whereabouts

British YouTuber Lord Miles Goes Missing: Rumors Surround His Whereabouts

Lord Miles, the famous British YouTuber known for his dangerous and life-threatening adventures, has gone missing, and this news has caused concern among his fans.

Some sources have claimed that he was last seen in Brazil, as his latest video on YouTube, uploaded on March 5, was filmed in Brazil.

However, a Twitter user who claims to be one of his fans has stated that he was in Afghanistan before he went missing.

Neither the police nor Miles’ family have confirmed the news. Lord Miles has garnered thousands of fans on social media due to his unique and adventurous vlogging videos.

One of his most iconic visits was his trip to war-stricken Kabul, Afghanistan, just before the Taliban took charge by overthrowing the Afghan government in 2021.

He was among the lucky people who were safely evacuated to Dubai at the time.

He continued to travel and vlog after returning to his home country until he suddenly disappeared ten days ago.

What gives life to these rumors is the fact that Miles has not been active on any of his social media platforms for the past two weeks.

A Twitter user recently claimed that Lord was allegedly last seen in Afghanistan on March 6 and has not been contacted ever since, which has fueled speculations.

Some people have contradicted that claim by saying that the YouTuber always informs his fans before going on an adventure.

His last tweet, posted in the last week of February, did not mention or hint toward him going to Afghanistan.

While there is no proof that Lord was in Easter country in the first week of March 2023, the tweets claim, he did take a trip to Snake Island in Brazil, which is deemed the most deadly island on the planet.

Rumors and speculations continue to spread despite receiving no confirmation from the authorities or the YouTuber’s family.

His fans have continuously prayed for his safe return and sent their best wishes and regards.

This incident uncovered Miles’ fans’ love and adoration for him, which could truly be the only silver lining of this event.

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