British asylum and illegal migration are “broken,” according to Suella Braverman

British asylum and illegal migration are “broken,” according to Suella Braverman

Suella Braverman stated today that the United Kingdom’s asylum system is “broken” and that illegal immigration is “out of control” amidst a “invasion” on the South Coast.

The Home Secretary provided a frank assessment of her department’s shortcomings before the House of Commons as she fights for her job.

Mrs. Braverman faces a dispute over overcrowding at the Manston migrant processing center in Kent while fighting for survival on two fronts.

She is also embroiled in an ongoing issue regarding security vulnerabilities resulting from her use of personal email to transmit official papers.

Mrs. Braverman briefed the Commons on the’shocking’ event that occurred yesterday at a Border Force immigration centre in Dover, where ‘two to three incendiary bombs’ were hurled at the building.

A day after that incident, the Home Secretary provided a more comprehensive assessment of the Channel migrants situation, which has already seen 40,000 individuals land on the South Coast in 2018.

“We must be honest with the public. The system is defective. “Illegal immigration is out of control,” Mrs. Braverman warned members of Congress.

In addition, she asserted that only the Conservatives were “serious about halting the invasion on our southern coast.”

In the aftermath of the Dover incident, the Home Secretary was accused of “inciting hatred” with her remarks.

Mrs. Braverman advised MPs against using “inflammatory language” with regards to the Manston incident, but admitting that it was “undeniably troubling.”

She had previously denied preventing refugees from living in hotels and said she had “never disregarded legal advice” about asylum-seeker housing.


A senior Conservative has stated that the Home Secretary made a conscious decision not to reserve additional hotel rooms to prevent guests from remaining too long at the Manston reception center.

Ex-civil workers noted that if Mrs. Braverman had done so, it may have been a violation of the ministerial code and a resignation issue.

Tonight, however, in a statement to the House of Commons, the Home Secretary told MPs: ‘To be clear, like the majority of British citizens, I am deeply worried about hotels, but I have never restricted their use.’

She continued, “I have never disregarded legal counsel.”

Mrs. Braverman described how migrants and asylum seekers’ hotel accommodations cost taxpayers £6.8 million per day.

“Allow me to describe to the House the situation at the Home Office when I arrived in September as Home Secretary,” she said.

I was appalled to learn that over 35,000 migrants were staying in hotels across the country at exorbitant taxpayer expense.

“I initiated an immediate review. I exerted pressure on government officials to identify more cost-effective and expedient housing options for migrants, while also meeting our legal obligations to them.

As she vowed to crack down on the crisis of migrants crossing the English Channel, the Home Secretary also issued a warning to those traveling from mainland Europe to the United Kingdom in small boats.

She stated, “Illegal immigrants from safe countries are not welcome and should not expect to remain.”

Mrs. Braverman is fighting for survival on two fronts after admitting today that she sent more official documents to her personal email – in addition to dealing with the migrant crisis in the English Channel.

This morning, in a letter to MPs, the Home Secretary insisted that she had accepted responsibility for sending sensitive information to a backbench ally by apologizing and resigning when Liz Truss was prime minister.

She also disclosed that a review by officials revealed six additional instances in which she had sent documents to her personal email.

Ms. Braverman countered that none of the information was secret or damaging, and that her actions were “reasonable.”

In the meantime, she is also under scrutiny for the conditions at the Manston migrant processing center, where there have been reports of overcrowding and disease outbreaks.

Roger Gale, a veteran representative for North Thanet, asserted that the Home Office made a deliberate decision not to reserve additional hotel rooms in order to prevent arrivals from staying at the reception center for too long.

Ex-civil servants noted that if Ms. Braverman had done so, it could be a violation of the ministerial code and a potential resignation issue.

According to sources close to the Cabinet minister, the notion that she disregarded legal counsel is completely false.

Today, in a statement to the Home Affairs Committee, Ms. Braverman stated, “The review also revealed that on six times between September 6 and October 19, I transmitted official documents from my government email to my personal email…

All of these incidents occurred when I was conducting virtual Home Office meetings or using public lines to conduct interviews, as confirmed by the review.

She claimed that when Mr. Sunak returned her to the office, she provided him promises that she would never again use her personal IT for government business.

Ms. Braverman stated, “As Home Secretary, I hold myself to the highest possible standards, and I am excited to serve again.”

I appreciate the Prime Minister’s continued trust in me upon my reappointment.

As the Foreign Secretary, Ms. Truss’s mobile phone was allegedly hacked by suspected Russian spies. The latest facts emerged amid a broader government security dispute, following the announcement that Ms. Truss’s mobile phone was hacked by suspected Russian spies.

Mark Spencer jokes that a ‘little man in China’ is listening to his chats with wife amid security row over hacking of Liz Truss’s phone

Upon learning that Liz Truss’s phone had been hacked, a minister quipped that “some small chap in China may be listening to me and my wife” today.

Mark Spencer stated that all ministers use personal phones, but emphasized that he is ‘cautious’ and never discusses government business.

The remarks followed astonishing disclosures in the Mail on Sunday that operatives suspected of working for the Kremlin hacked the former prime minister’s personal mobile phone.

Cyberspies are reported to have acquired access to top-secret communications with key international allies and intimate chats with close ally Kwasi Kwarteng while she was Foreign Secretary.

One person informed the newspaper that the phone had been kept in a locked safe within a sensitive government site since it was so severely corrupted.

Boris Johnson was reportedly briefed when he was prime minister, but a news blackout was implemented to minimize the damage.

Home Secretary Suella Braverman is now entangled in a separate controversy about the dissemination of sensitive official material using her personal email account.

This week, according to a Whitehall source, all ministers concerned in national security will be required to undergo training with the security services “to ensure that everyone is aware of how this information should be handled.”


Ms. Braverman stated the following regarding the six instances in which she sent official documents to her private email: ‘As I was joining the Home Office meetings virtually and occasionally while in transit – via MS Teams and where I would be looking into the camera and visible on screen – on my Government-issued phone, I was, of course, unable to simultaneously read the necessary official documents on the same screen of the same mobile device.

It was not possible to utilize a single device to simultaneously conduct meetings and view materials.

“Therefore, I had on rare occasions and in extraordinary circumstances emailed them to my personal email account so that I could see them in order to accomplish vital government work.”

‘In each of these instances, it was more convenient for me to read the documents on my personal phone, which was within the scope of permissible usage; such use of my personal IT was reasonable and carried out in the public interest to enable me to execute my work.

“None of the in question documents pertained to national security, intelligence agency, or cyber security matters and posed no threat to national security.” None of the materials have the SECRET or TOP SECRET classification.

“I only utilized my personal email when I deemed it appropriate under the circumstances.” According to the Guidance, as stated previously, it was not possible to act otherwise.

“I have discussed these instances with my Permanent Secretary, who acknowledges and accepts my justifications.

‘The review also established that I had never used my Government email to convey any information to external parties outside of Government. Except for the 19th of October, I have not utilized my personal email account to communicate official Home Office materials to non-government recipients.

Nobody else has access to my private email account.

Ms. Braverman elaborated on the pledges she had given to the PM: ‘During my appointment meeting with the new Prime Minister, I guaranteed him that I would no longer use personal IT for government activity.

‘I have asked briefing and guidance by security experts on what constitutes appropriate use of Government and personal IT. I am now in possession of this briefing.

“This comprehensive and extensive security briefing by officials was in addition to the information I received at the beginning of September when I was originally appointed Home Secretary. My ministerial staff and my closest aides will all receive the same training.’

The Channel problem is on the verge of escalating. There are rumors that officials are now considering renting individual rooms for migrants rather than barring out entire hotels to alleviate the strain.

Others MPs have attacked France for failing to stop tiny boats trying the crossing, while an ex-borders head suggested docking a cruise liner in the middle of the Channel where people can be housed.

After one of the camps in Dover was firebombed over the weekend, apprehension has grown regarding the conditions in which migrants are being housed while awaiting processing upon arrival in the United Kingdom.

Government estimates indicate that so far this year, close to 40,000 people have made the perilous journey from France, crossing the world’s busiest shipping lanes in dinghies and other small boats.

Sir Roger stated on the Today programme on BBC Radio 4: ‘There are simply far too many individuals, and this situation should never have been allowed to develop, and I’m not entirely certain that it hasn’t been developed almost deliberately.’

The Conservative representative stated that he was aware of the decision not to reserve additional hotel rooms.

‘That’s like driving a car down a freeway, seeing the motorway clear ahead, then there’s a car crash, and then suddenly there’s a five mile tailback,’ he said.

‘The automobile crash was the decision not to book more hotel room.’

He stated he believes it was a decision reached by the Home Secretary, but is not clear if it was Priti Patel or Suella Braverman.

Close associates of Ms. Patel distanced themselves from the problems, claiming that overcrowding had not been as severe in the past.

One insider stated, “Priti was signing off on hotels over the summer, despite the fact that it was politically unpleasant, since it was the proper thing to do.”

Downing Street refuted Sir Roger’s criticism, stating that the government was resolved to “fulfill its legal obligation.”

When asked when Mr. Sunak would gain control of the situation, the spokesman responded, ‘I believe all ministries involved have made it clear that this is a very tough, long-standing issue. We do have a package of actions, everything from the Rwanda deal down to what we are doing stopping approximately 28,000 crossings with French partners, and amending the rules to make it easier to crack down on the criminal gangs that are exploiting people.

There is no silver bullet for this problem. We intend to move forward with the Rwanda policy, which we believe will have a substantial deterrent effect. However, there is a great deal of work to be done across the board before we can make any further headway.

The spokesman stated, ‘It is evident that there is significant pressure on accommodation facilities due to the high number of crossings we are witnessing, and it remains a significant challenge to provide the appropriate type of accommodation and to fulfill our legal obligation to ensure that no one is left homeless.

The Home Office is putting in a great deal of effort to get additional housing as we speak.

Natalie Elphicke, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Dover, stated that Ms. Braverman possessed “passion” but that it needed to be “turned into acts” and that this was being thwarted by a “ragtag group of people who appear to favor open borders.”

She told TalkTV, “As you might anticipate, I’ve had many conversations with the Home Secretary about this subject, and I don’t think anyone doubts her enthusiasm and drive to address it.”

As we have seen previously, it is a matter of turning this into actions that will be implemented and have an impact on the ground.

“In the most immediate sense, this means preventing boats from leaving France. Obviously, there are a variety of other measures, but a lot of them are currently pending in the courts, and others are subject to additional legislative amendments, so all efforts must be focused on halting those boats and addressing the issue head on.

Asked why the Government has not got to grips with the issue of Channel crossings, Ms Elphicke said: ‘The small boats crisis is clearly out of control and a completely fresh approach is now needed.

Every effort to get a handle on the situation has been delayed or blocked by a disparate group of individuals who appear to favor open borders and oppose our efforts to gain control of this particular scenario.

‘We’ve seen people object to absolutely everything, object to the new laws coming through, object to any agreements put in place, object to all of the efforts of the Government to try and solve this issue. This is unacceptable because it endangers the lives of individuals crossing the English Channel, and it also results in this uncontrolled influx of people.’

In a forthcoming report, Chief Inspector of Prisons Charlie Taylor makes it clear that the Home Office and contractors ‘need to get a grip’ on the crisis, telling the Today programme: ‘They need to accelerate the processing of migrants, they need to make suitable provisions so that people can be moved off site as quickly as possible and housed in humane and decent conditions.

The facilities are not designed to accommodate guests. It’s not a residential facility. It is a short-term holding facility designed to process individuals.

Therefore, it is unacceptable for people to spend extended periods of time in situations that are extremely cramped and devoid of adequate housing.

Mr Jenrick visited Manston on Sunday after another watchdog, Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration David Neal, told MPs he was left ‘speechless’ by the problems at the station.

Mr. Jenrick stated in a tweet that migrants continue to be processed’securely’ under ‘difficult conditions,’ adding, ‘I was incredibly pleased by the employees I encountered who were managing this unpleasant situation.’

Former chief immigration officer for the United Kingdom Border Force, Kevin Saunders, stated that the system is “broken” and that he would put asylum seekers on a cruise ship.

“I would put a cruise ship in the middle of the English Channel and put all asylum seekers on it,” he told the BBC. “I would place it in international waters so they couldn’t claim asylum since it’s not the UK.”

‘This has been proposed previously but was kicked into the long grass, but I think it’s worth exploring.’

He stated that a cruise ship will have all the necessary amenities and services.

Ms Braverman has not responded publicly since the latest facts regarding Manston and leaks emerged, however Labour has lodged an urgent question in Parliament today.

The Residence Secretary did not answer to inquiries as she left her London home this morning.

Liz Truss sacked the Home Secretary after she sent a very confidential email from her personal account to Tory MP Sir John Hayes and unintentionally copied in an aide and another MP.

Her activities violated the ministerial code twice and caused security concerns.

Mrs. Braverman stated that she ‘immediately’ addressed the error, and she was reappointed to Rishi Sunak’s Cabinet last week, when he became Prime Minister.

However, an email obtained by the BBC casts doubt on her statements on the speed with which she acted.

Mrs. Braverman was notified about 8.30 a.m. on October 19 that she had written an email in error an hour earlier, according to the broadcaster.

She responded shortly after 10 a.m., instructing the recipient to “delete and ignore” the message.

According to a source close to Mrs. Braverman, the Home Secretary did not instruct her subordinates to inform the Cabinet Secretary about the incident until around noon.

Michael Gove argued yesterday, when confronted with a minister’s email instructing an incorrect recipient to disregard an earlier message, that her request was “normal procedure.”

And he hinted that Mrs. Braverman is experiencing criticism because she is ‘courageous’ and’making changes,’ saying on BBC’s Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg, ‘You only take flak if you’re over the mark.’

»British asylum and illegal migration are “broken,” according to Suella Braverman«

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