Brighton University tells workers not to speak “Christmas” because it’s “Christian-centric.”

Brighton University tells workers not to speak “Christmas” because it’s “Christian-centric.”

Staff members have been urged by the University of Brighton to refer to the time as the “winter shutdown period” rather than “Christmas.”

According to a nine-page paper titled “Inclusive Language Guidance” that was issued to university instructors, the term “Christmas” is too “Christian-centric.”

Additionally, teachers are warned from asking kids, “What is your Christian name?” instead, inquire instead, “What is your first name?” for example, “What is your given name?”

The advice advises against making generalizations about a group of individuals based on their age, such as “millennial snowflakes” or “old folks cannot utilize technology.”

According to the statement, staff members need to be “empowered” to use “inclusive language confidently and effectively, to ensure that both kids and staff alike feel secure, valued, and respected.”

Language and meaning are “strongly conditioned by the prevalent norms of the society in which they exist,” the text states.

“Prevalent attitudes, misunderstandings, and prejudices are ingrained in communication techniques, and these elements sometimes manifest themselves, whether consciously or unconsciously, in the language we use when addressing and interacting with people.

This implies that even when it is not our purpose, communication, whether oral or written, may be disrespectful.

A free exchange of ideas is intended to take place at universities, according to Andrew Allison of the Freedom Association.

“This is absurd and Orwellian.” Have a happy Christmas and ignore it, staff and kids.

Then, in a table instructing staff on what not to say to pupils, they are advised to substitute the phrase “winter closure time” for “Christmas closure period.” To “avoid using Christian-centric rhetoric,” this is the goal.

‘This guideline was prepared with our staff and students and is part of our shared commitment to making Brighton a place where everyone feels respected and appreciated,’ a University of Brighton spokeswoman said in a statement sent to MailOnline. The advice provided is just that—advice.

Words are not “forbidden” at Brighton, and neither is Christmas, as seen by the ornaments and trees that can be found across our campuses and buildings.

»Brighton University tells workers not to speak “Christmas” because it’s “Christian-centric.”«

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