Brighton University tells staff not to say “Christmas” because it’s “Christian-centric.”

Brighton University tells staff not to say “Christmas” because it’s “Christian-centric.”

This year, the University of Brighton has instructed its employees not to mention “Christmas” since it may upset some students; instead, they are to refer to the winter break as the “winter closure period.”The University of Brighton, pictured, has asked staff to avoid saying 'Christmas' as it may offend some students - instead asking them to call it the 'winter closure period'

It follows claims by Brighton officials that the term Christmas is too “Christian-centric,” despite the fact that it celebrates the birth of Christ.

In addition, a nine-page document addressed to professors at the university contains’millennial snowflakes and other ‘offensive’ terms.

The Freedom Association’s Andrew Allison stated, “Universities are intended to be places where ideas are freely debated.”

The University of Brighton, pictured, has requested that staff refrain from using the term “Christmas” because it may upset certain students. Rather, they should refer to the period as the “winter closure period.”

“This is Orwellian and absurd.” Staff and kids should disregard it and enjoy the holiday seasonA nine-page document sent to staff at the University of Brighton includes this table which guides them on 'offensive' things not to say to students and provides inclusive alternatives

The nine-page paper emailed to Brighton’s staff stated: ‘The goal of this guidance document is to empower staff to use inclusive language with confidence and effectiveness, so that both pupils and staff feel safe, valued, and respected.

‘Prevalent views, misconceptions, and preconceptions are ingrained in forms of communication, and these elements are sometimes mirrored – whether consciously or unconsciously – in the language we use while talking.

This table is included in a nine-page document provided to University of Brighton personnel that instructs them on ‘offensive’ things not to say to students and gives alternatives.

This means that communication may be offensive even when that is not the aim.

Then, in a table directing staff on what not to say to students, the phrase “Christmas closure period” is advised to be replaced with “winter closure period.” This is intended to prevent the use of Christian-centric rhetoric.

Additionally, workers are instructed not to inquire about students’ Christian names. instead, the question should be “What is your first name?” as well as “What is your given name?”

In a statement issued to MailOnline, a University of Brighton spokesperson said, ‘This guideline was developed in collaboration with our faculty and students as part of our shared commitment to making Brighton a place where everyone feels respected and appreciated. The advice is precisely that: advice.

They continued, “Words are not “banned” at Brighton, nor is Christmas, as evidenced by the Christmas decorations and trees in our buildings and on our campuses.”



»Brighton University tells staff not to say “Christmas” because it’s “Christian-centric.”«

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