Breaking Stereotypes: Spain Launches App to Redistribute Housework Responsibilities

Breaking Stereotypes: Spain Launches App to Redistribute Housework Responsibilities

...By Muyiwa Aderinto for TDPel Media.

Spain’s Gender Equality App Aims to Address Housework Imbalance

Spain has unveiled plans to develop an app that aims to promote gender equality in household chores.


The app will track and log the hours spent by family members on housework, with the goal of highlighting the existing gender imbalance and encouraging a more equal distribution of tasks.

The initiative is part of Spain’s broader co-responsibility plan and is being developed by the Ministry for Gender Equality and Domestic Violence.

Tackling Gender Imbalance in Housework:

Ángela Rodríguez, Spain’s minister for gender equality and domestic violence, announced the upcoming release of the app during a conference in Geneva.

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She highlighted the disproportionate amount of time women spend on domestic tasks compared to men.

The app will provide a platform for men and women to record and monitor the hours they dedicate to household chores, raising awareness of the imbalances that exist.


Addressing Women’s Disproportionate Role:

According to a survey conducted by Spain’s National Statistics Institute, nearly half of the women surveyed reported that they were responsible for the majority of the housework in their households.

In contrast, less than 15 percent of men claimed the same.

This disparity has prompted discussions on gender equality and led to legal disputes in Spain, including a court case where a man was ordered to compensate his ex-wife for her housework contributions during their relationship.

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The Purpose of the App:

The app, which is expected to be released in the summer, aims to shed light on the “invisible tasks” performed by women in managing a household, as well as the mental load associated with running a home.

By logging and visualizing the time spent on various tasks, such as cleaning or shopping, the app will provide a comprehensive view of the workload carried by different family members.

This includes sons, daughters, flatmates, and those in relationships.


Budget and Development:

The Spanish government has allocated a budget of €211,750 for the development of the app.

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Companies are currently bidding for the project, hoping to contribute to its successful creation and implementation.

The app’s launch is anticipated to raise awareness and encourage discussions about gender equality in housework responsibilities.

Spain’s forthcoming app represents an innovative approach to addressing the gender imbalance in household chores.

By enabling individuals to track and share their housework contributions, it aims to promote a fair distribution of tasks and foster greater equality within households.

While the app’s impact remains to be seen, it has the potential to stimulate conversations about the importance of shared responsibilities and contribute to positive change in societal norms.

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