Breaking News: Russia may use nuclear weapon at its next phase of Ukraine invasion

Breaking News: Russia may use nuclear weapon at its next phase of Ukraine invasion

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview with India Today on April 19 that Russia’s invasion is now proceeding to its next phase.

“This operation will continue, the next phase of this special operation is now beginning, and, it seems to me, it will be an important moment during this special operation,” the minister specified.

When asked about the use of nuclear weapons, Lavrov said Russia was considering the use of conventional weapons only at the current stage of the special operation. Indicating that Russia may use nuclear weapon if it moves forward to its next stage.

In the interview, Lavrov was asked about possible referendums in the Russia-controlled Ukrainian territories.

“This is democracy at its apotheosis. People had been living in suffering in these regions for eight years when neo-Nazis would forbid them to speak their language, keep the memory of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, hold parades and any events to preserve the memory of their grandparents.

“And now these people have expelled the neo-Nazis and they want to say: “Now it will be up to us to decide who will lead here. This is our mayor, this is our legislature.” It seems to me that in many ways this is a manifestation of democracy after so many years of suppression.”

“Russia does not plan to change the regime in Ukraine. It is up to the citizens of the country who must decide for themselves how to live on. We want them to have the freedom of choice,” Lavrov said.

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