Breaking: Green Wave for Late Buses: Auckland’s Traffic Tech Boosts Public Transit Efficiency

Breaking: Green Wave for Late Buses: Auckland’s Traffic Tech Boosts Public Transit Efficiency

In a bid to make public transport more appealing and efficient, Auckland Transport is set to extend a technology that gives delayed buses priority at traffic lights to additional intersections across Auckland. Leveraging the buses’ onboard GPS, the system detects when they are behind schedule and can trigger green traffic lights along their routes. This innovative approach, aimed at helping buses maintain their timetables, has been successfully piloted on Manukau and Dominion Roads as well as the Eastern Busway last year.

Expansion Plans

Auckland Transport has confirmed that the technology, colloquially known as the ‘bus booster’ or ‘green wave’ system, will be implemented at 25 additional intersections over the next six to eight months. This announcement has been welcomed by commuters and is seen as a significant step towards enhancing the efficiency of Auckland’s public transport infrastructure. The councillor for Auckland, Richard Hills, has been at the forefront of advocating for this expansion.

Bus Lane Necessity

For the ‘green wave’ system to function optimally, bus lanes or other measures to prioritize buses are a prerequisite. While the creation of new bus lanes might not find favor with everyone, the overarching aim is to draw more people towards public transport. This shift could potentially alleviate the overall traffic congestion in the city.

Future of Public Transport in Auckland

While Auckland Transport is working to make buses more reliable and attractive to commuters, the city’s public transportation landscape faces several challenges. Data from Auckland Transport has shown a worrying increase in attacks on bus drivers over the past two years. Furthermore, with fares for buses, trains, and ferries set to rise by up to 40 cents, the affordability of public transport is a growing concern. In addition, the government’s decision to abandon Labour’s expensive light rail plans has left the future of transport initiatives in Auckland uncertain.