Bozo wraps Christmas gifts with  premium wallpaper: “Let us know when the funeral is

Bozo wraps Christmas gifts with $75 premium wallpaper: “Let us know when the funeral is

Due to one idiot brother’s costly error, this family’s vacation has come to an end.

The brother of an Irish guy went too far when he wrapped Christmas presents with $75 wallpaper.

As of Monday morning, a now-viral Twitter thread describing the brother’s comically expensive error has garnered 21 million views.

“My brother used the €70 [$74.39] wallpaper that my mother had purchased to remodel rooms as wrapping paper,” Dubliner Daniel said in a funny tweet explaining the wallet-draining mishap.

“I cannot cope ahahah.

First Christmas argument starting!”

According to a following tweet, the Irishman’s sibling apparently wrapped five gifts with the expensive floral blue wallpaper, of which he reportedly used a whole roll. Consider the Christmas equivalent of lighting a cigarette with a $100 bill.

My brother utilized the €70 wallpaper that my mother purchased to remodel rooms as gift paper. Unable to manage hahah

First Christmas argument underway.

— Daniel (@Danielobo148) December 24, 2022

Daniel’s sibling utilized an entire roll of his mother’s pricey Graham and Brown wallpaper.

Needless to say, the Christmas blunder had Twitter in fits of laughter, with one puzzled spectator tweeting, “Tell us when the funeral is.”

“My prayers are with your mother,” added another. “You will hang with your brother!”

In the meantime, a Twitter skeptic pondered, “Wallpaper feels 100 percent different than wrapping paper; how can they be confused?”

Daniel responded, “Your speculation is as good as mine.”

Some cynics believed that the Dubliner’s brother was doing his mother a favor by keeping her from using “ugly” wall paper.

“That wallpaper is rotten, so he’s doing a favor there!” One Twitter troll remarked, “She was robbed,” while another joked, “She was robbed.” Twice.”

Fortunately, it appears that the men from the Emerald Isle may be able to preserve Christmas after all. A Twitter user claiming to work for the manufacturer of the wallpaper has since offered to replace Daniel’s expensive Christmas wrapping paper for free.

“I work for Graham and Brown, who manufacture your mother’s favorite wallpaper,” they wrote. “Since it’s the season of peace and kindness, I’m certain I can arrange a free replacement roll. Therefore, there is no need to argue! Send me a direct message and we’ll send you a roll in the new year.”

Nonetheless, other viewers believed the man was helping his mother by preventing her from using “ugly” wallpaper.

This is hardly the first holiday hoax to explode across the Internet.

A California man’s Christmas preparations went hilariously awry last week when he printed his neighbor’s dental X-rays on 90 Christmas cards.


»Bozo wraps Christmas gifts with $75 premium wallpaper: “Let us know when the funeral is«

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