Rosie the Border Collie is back with her owner after turning herself in

Rosie the Border Collie is back with her owner after turning herself in

When Rosie, Steve Harper’s dog, ran away after being startled by fireworks, he feared he would never see her again.

However, he was quickly reunited with the intelligent boarder collie after she turned herself in to the police station.

CCTV captured the moment Rosie walked through the automatic doors of the Loughborough Police station.

She then explored the station before laying down by the entrances.

Officers called Steve and his wife Julie to inform them that Rosie was safe after checking her collar, which contained her owner’s contact information.

On November 3, Rosie ran away from Mr. Harper in the Southfields Park neighborhood of Loughborough, Leicestershire.

The ten-year-old rescue dog was able to walk the half-mile to the South Field Road police station on her own.

Mr. Harper, a 68-year-old retired biochemist, stated, ‘She is extremely afraid of fireworks.

She fled and hid beneath the hedge.

I expected to find her cowering beneath it so I could comfort her, but she had already left the council offices by the time I arrived and was nowhere to be found.

Rosie was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Harper eight years ago after being rescued.

Mrs. Harper, age 62, exclaimed, “I was so pleased and happy that she was safe, and so proud that she was able to locate the police station.”

Steve was sad because he believed he had lost her. He looked for her but could not find her.

“The police contacted us and inquired if we had a black-and-white collie that had turned herself in.”

“Steve was distressed when I called him, but I informed him that the cops had her.”

She continued, ‘She hides behind the sofa during thunderstorms, fireworks, and even the Mastermind theme music.

When she went away, things were a little different for her, but she was glad to see Steve. Leicestershire Police stated, ‘Thank goodness she was wearing a collar, so we were able to contact Rosie’s owner, who was overjoyed that she had been located safe and sound.

“What a gorgeous, intelligent dog.

Our crew brought Rosie some water and became quick friends with a great deal of fuss. Since police released the video to their Facebook page, it has been seen and shared over 2,000 times.

Users of social media welcomed Rosie’s initiative. One stated, “She obviously followed the signs for the closest lost and hound,”

Someone else wrote, “Clearly desires to join the K-9 squad and become a police dog.” I am relieved that she arrived at the police station in good health and safety.

»Rosie the Border Collie is back with her owner after turning herself in«

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