Black Coffee and his son receive social media threats from Nota

Black Coffee and his son receive social media threats from Nota

The controversial talent manager Nhlamulo “Nota” Baloyi escalated his spat with Grammy-winning DJ Black Coffee by involving Black Coffee’s eldest son, Sona.

In his most recent series of tweets against Black Coffee, Nota produced a short film in which he accused Black Coffee of claiming credit for owning Gallo Records and referred to him as a “fake.”

He wrote in the video’s description, “Your idol @RealBlackCoffee has been warned… It’s a matter of sight when I see him. After I’m done with him, he’ll have to escape to Austria with Stogie T.

“I’m concluding 2022 on a high note by resolving all my grudges for good. The police are aware of my whereabouts; ARREST ME, DAWG, NGIDUBULE KE!”

Nota stated in the video that he knew the company’s original owner and that Black Coffee was used as a front to act as though he owned Gallo Records.

“Black Coffee is utilized to make it appear as though he owns Gallo, although he does not. And it’s still there; he sent police to me, so I’ll continue to deal with him.

“The moment is… If I become exhausted before locating him, I will locate his first-born son.

“Don’t worry, that’s not a threat of violence; I know how to deal with individuals in a nonviolent manner, but make it hurt, badly.”

Black Coffee answered to Nota’s video with an image of his son, despite the threat.

He penned, “My son? You now endanger my loved ones? He is currently in Miami and should return in a few days.”

Nota said, “He is closer to my age than you are… I will make his life a miserable hell, and you cannot and will not stop me.

“Everything will be legal; I will not breach the law to punish you for what you did to my father’s son. I’m putting you on notice: this year will not end until I kill you first! ”


»Black Coffee and his son receive social media threats from Nota«

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