Billy the Psychic Goat Predicts Royal Family’s Future and the Existence of Aliens

Billy the Psychic Goat Predicts Royal Family’s Future and the Existence of Aliens

...By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

Psychic Goat Predicts Future of Royal Family and the Possibility of Alien Contact


In a surprising turn of events, a psychic goat named Billy has made headlines for his “spookily accurate” predictions about the future of the Royal Family and the possibility of alien contact with Earth.

Billy uses tarot cards to tell people’s fortunes and has become quite popular for his psychic abilities.

His owner Sue Zacharias is an animal trainer who inherited the legacy of fortune-telling from her grandmother who read tealeaves for war wives in the 1940s.

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Billy’s Fortune-Telling:

Billy’s psychic powers have seemed to prove true in the past, such as predicting a client’s marriage and family in 2019, which came true in 2022.

To get Billy to do a reading, Sue asks clients to sit and stroke him until they feel grounded before Billy picks a tarot card with his mouth.


Although the traditional tarot decks can be quite dark and serious, Sue uses cards with animal illustrations for family-friendly readings.

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Billy’s Predictions:

Ahead of King Charles III’s Coronation, Billy was asked for his visions on the future of the Royal Family, where he predicted there would be no happy reunion between Prince Harry and Prince William.

He also predicted that Sir Keir Starmer would miss out on becoming Prime Minister, and the Tories would enter another term.

When asked about the possibility of aliens making contact with Earth, Billy decided this wasn’t meant to be.

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The idea of a psychic goat may sound like a joke, but Billy’s accuracy has attracted many believers.

People have become calmer when they stroke Billy, and his readings have been quite popular, even predicting major life events.


Although the Royal Family may not take his predictions seriously, Billy’s psychic abilities have proven to be a source of comfort and fascination for many.

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