Bigiano’s New Single “Pizza Bizza” Features Portable

Bigiano’s New Single “Pizza Bizza” Features Portable

How can one know what is “generous” before experiencing it? Bigiano comes to the music scene in the Gen Z phrase “it’s giving,” a whole new vibe compared to what the millennials knew of him. Collaborating with the fantastic Portable, the Zazu singer emits almost shocking and contradictory sentiments about what may possibly occur. The culmination of the sensation would be the culmination of everything described.

Bigiano’s 2009 hit Shayo left us with a great deal of anticipation for his return to the scene; nevertheless, the refix of the song with Jaybreeze and this tune in question were unlike anything we could have anticipated. In this season of musical experimentation, Pizza Bizza is a totally different style of music that has ever been heard before.

As long as the vocalist is constant, the audience’s brain has adapted well to musicians attempting new things, so that a success or failure has little effect on us. Pizza Bizza by Bigiano and Portable reflected the typical afro-pop beat and took us on an exciting or rather unexpected journey into a trap-infused sound. Whoever would have ever imagined that?

As if that weren’t enough, a complete change in rhythms began to occur on the song; this answers any remaining uncertainties regarding Bigiano’s intentions in his return scene. His position was never occupied; he has simply returned to fit in even better.

Not to mention the fact that the fuji element found its way onto it in a completely balanced manner. Now that we are in possession of a well-arranged, clear music, the next logical step is to appreciate it.

Listen to Pizza Bizza here.

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»Bigiano’s New Single “Pizza Bizza” Features Portable«

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