Biden’s new plan may ruin America – Dr. Ron Paul

Biden’s new plan may ruin America – Dr. Ron Paul

According to Dr. Ron Paul, the problems we are seeing in America today are about to get a whole lot worse:

“The folks in Washington today have put us on a dangerous path to a new financial crisis.

“It will be worse than the financial crisis of 2008… the huge stock market drop we saw in March of 2020… and even worse than the Great Depression.”

America has now borrowed so much money the country can never, ever hope to legitimately pay it back to the creditors (the largest of which is you, the American taxpayer.)

Everyone just wants a quick fix. An easy handout.

And, as we’ve seen in the past year, the elected officials are happy to give the masses what they want.

“Unfortunately, these policies – and those that are sure to keep coming as this ‘crisis’ lingers on – will cause even greater damage to the Americans they’re meant to help.

So please, if you are concerned about this country – it’s time to wake up, and take action.”