Biden Reportedly Considering The First Black Defense Secretary

President-elect Joe Biden had been busy considering a list of people that will work with him after the hand over. Now report has it that he may be considering the first African American defense secretary according to an Axios report published Friday, 26th November, 2020.

Lloyd Austin is a Black four-star general with over four decades in the military. He first served in the Army in 1975 and graduated from West Point. He took on numerous leadership roles, having commanded all of the US’s troops in Iraq and helming US Central Command, the combatant command responsible for all US operations in the Middle East. Austin retired in 2016 and founded the Austin Strategy Group, a consulting service in Washington, D.C.

Austin’s name is one of several others being taken to lead the Pentagon in the incoming Biden administration. Michele Flournoy, the former undersecretary of defense for policy, is another possible candidate.

Biden’s team is considering other factors in addition to experience for their selection, including a candidate’s race.

It should be noted that only one Black person has been nominated to Biden’s cabinet so far. Former diplomat Linda Thomas-Greenfield, a Black woman, was selected to be the next United Nations ambassador.

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