Biden bows to Xi Jinping and allows China to commit murder

Biden bows to Xi Jinping and allows China to commit murder

The highly anticipated meeting between the American president and the Chinese tyrant in Bali was notable for what was not discussed.

Among the taboo topics were fentanyl, the Uyghur language, and – the big one — COVID.

It’s almost as if Joe Biden was in a Confucius Institute class at Stanford University, where some topics are taboo.

Tibet, Taiwan, and Tiananmen are the “three Ts,” as they are commonly known.

(I will refrain from using acronyms for fentanyl, Uyghur, and COVID.)

Fentanyl should be at the top of any discussion agenda with the Chinese side.

More than 100,000 young Americans are killed annually as a result of the partnership between Chinese drug producers and Mexican cartels in the development of a lethal substance.

The partnership between Chinese drug producers and Mexican gangs in the creation of fentanyl is responsible for the deaths of more than 100,000 young Americans annually.

If he desired, Xi Jinping could stop the flow of opioid precursors to Mexico overnight.

Of course he doesn’t, since he wins three times over.

China profits from drug trafficking, weakens its principal foe, and exacts retribution on the West for the Opium Wars with each fentanyl-related death.

Why, therefore, did Vice President Biden not denounce China’s Third Opium War, which involves the use of lethal chemical weapons against the United States?

One possible explanation is that mentioning fentanyl would draw attention to the border that the Biden administration continues to insist is “safe.”

Xi’s natural response to a question about opioids would be, “If you controlled your border, that wouldn’t be a problem.”


China is the world’s top polluter, but a predicted one-degree rise in global temperature over the next century doesn’t keep Xi up at night, and Biden didn’t press the subject.
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The ongoing extermination of the Uyghurs is another issue that Biden neglected to highlight.

Men’s imprisonment, women’s sterilization, and children’s servitude constitute a continuing crime against humanity.

The previous government designated it as genocide, and that designation remains.

But not just the Uyghurs were treated poorly.

Biden did not confront Xi on China’s forced assimilation of Tibetans, Mongols, and other minorities, persecution of Christians and other faiths, or Hong Kong’s suppression of democracy.

Instead, after a little evasion about human rights, he went on.

However, the greatest taboo in the room was a small virus. The sickness it generated has caused millions of fatalities and billions of dollars in economic damage over the past three years.

The severe mistreatment of the Uyghur people by China’s security forces was another point Biden avoided bringing up with Xi.
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Biden, though, remained silent throughout the whole COVID outbreak.

He neither sought a probe into the Wuhan laboratory nor demanded compensation for the destruction its manufactured virus has wrought throughout the globe.

Instead, he just let China off the hook, even as he extended the COVID Health Emergency in the United States into the next year.

Instead, Biden resorted to his 2016 talking lines, delivering a blast from the past.

Biden appeared before Xi as a beggar, pleading with China once more to rein in its vassal state, North Korea, and to collaborate with us on the subject of climate change.

Biden remained silent on COVID, which many believe escaped from this facility in Wuhan, China, despite millions of lives and trillions of dollars in economic losses.
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As we follow China’s “advice” and attempt to bribe Little Rocket Man into good conduct, billion-dollar assistance packages will soon be en route to Pyongyang.

Regarding the “climate problem,” the world’s greatest polluter requires little inducement to participate.

A predicted one-degree increase in global temperature over the next century does not keep Xi up at night.

Rather, he fantasizes about deindustrializing the United States by urging us to cease energy production and pay for the sin of ever consuming fossil fuels by dumping money on the rest of the globe.

While the United States self-destructs, China will continue to bring a coal-fired power plant online approximately every two weeks.

Xi Jinping strives for a world in which China is economically, politically, and militarily powerful.

Everything he does is geared at achieving this goal.

On the other hand, Biden is keen to resume normal commercial relations with China.

Biden has stated several times that he will protect Taiwan against any Chinese invasion, but he did not state this explicitly during his conversation with Xi.
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Consider his stance on Taiwan.

In the past year, the President has stated four times to American audiences that he would protect the island democracy if it came under assault.

He faltered, though, when confronted by Xi. When the subject of protecting Taiwan from a Chinese assault arose, he resorted to “strategic ambiguity.” This approach of “maybe we will, maybe we won’t” will further empower China.

The only guarantee he took away from the conversation was that an immediate attack on Taiwan is not imminent.

As in, next week?

Biden acts strong in front of the home team, but when he faces Emperor Xi, he kowtows as low as his arthritic old bones would allow.

He seemed unaware that he can never kneel low enough.

Xi Jinping desires the end of the United States as we know it.

President of the Population Research Institute and author of “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Pandemics” is Steven W. Mosher.


»Biden bows to Xi Jinping and allows China to commit murder«

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