Biden appointee trolls Ron DeSantis mercilessly

Biden appointee trolls Ron DeSantis mercilessly

A Biden-appointed official slams Governor Ron DeSantis as a’mini-Donald Trump’ and’man child’ as enthusiasm grows for the Republican politician to run for president in 2024.

Gwen Graham, assistant secretary of the Department of Education, has practically transformed her Twitter profile into an anti-DeSantis platform and recently stated that she figured him out “a long time ago” when the two represented Florida in Congress.

The election of DeSantis to a second term as Florida’s governor over Democrat Charle Crist on November 8 is the latest indication of the state’s continued shift to the right. Between 2013 to 2018, he previously served in the Florida House of Representatives.

Graham made a series of tweets against DeSantis prior to the midterm elections in between tweets praising President Joe Biden or showcasing her political past.

Graham tweeted on October 27: “Look at the date on this tweet,” citing a prior message dated September 2019. “More than three years ago. I figured out Ron a very long time ago when we both were in Congress. Simply awful.’

Graham was recalling her earlier failed attempt to convince the public that DeSantis was not who he claimed to be.

Graham wrote, “Do NOT trust @GovRonDeSantis’ partisan spin.” He is a little version of @realDonaldTrump. To the Floridians who have stated, “He’s not as horrible as I anticipated,” I respond, “No, he’s worse.” Florida, please pay attention! Actions are more persuasive than words.

It appears that Floridians did not take Graham’s warning seriously, as the governor won by a margin of about 20 votes, including in the inconceivably blue Miami-Dade County.

DeSantis’ journey to fame began when he disregarded public health recommendations. On issues ranging from immigration to gender expression in classrooms, there have been frequent disputes with the Biden administration recently.

Graham has previously attempted to criticize DeSantis on Twitter and referred to him as a “cowardly bully.”

While Graham did not provide background to support her accusation against the governor of Florida, she appears to stand by her claims.

In June, she wrote, “I know Ron.” He is cowardly and a bully. When he can no longer utilize his office as a platform to make himself appear inflated, he will flee. He is small.

In January 2021, she also referred to the governor as a “man kid” and uploaded a meme depicting DeSantis as Lord Farquaad from Shrek with the caption, “Some of you may die.” However, I am willing to make such a sacrifice.

Graham recently attempted to smear DeSantis at his debate with Crist for the governorship on October 24.

Graham commented on Twitter: “No amount of debate training can aid Ron.” ‘Not feasible. If he ever (please NO) makes it to the Presidential debate stage, he will be devoured alive. If Trump or any other Republican with Presidential aspirations was watching tonight, they would relish the opportunity to trash him.

Graham looked to be referring Crist’s query to DeSantis on his ambitions for governor and whether he had spent the entirety of his four-year term in the governor’s house.

In the past two years, DeSantis has assumed a national presence, opening his state earlier than others during the COVID-19 outbreak and assuming a major position in the nation’s culture battles.

In protest of the federal government’s failure to prevent individuals from crossing the southern border, he ordered the state to transport migrants from Texas to the liberal enclave of Martha’s Vineyard shortly before the election.

He amassed a war chest of approximately $200 million during the last election and is well-positioned to run for president once the formalities of re-election are completed.

A strong showing among Florida’s Hispanics might position him as the type of Republican who can form a coalition of diverse groups and retake the White House from Democrats.

The results from Miami-Dade County, which has a large Latino population, indicate that he has done just that.

If former President Donald Trump does not seek for re-election in 2024, the 44-year-old routinely leads Republican preference surveys for the presidency.

Trump recognizes the risk and has been shooting warning shots at the governor.

Earlier this month, at a rally in Pennsylvania, Trump unveiled a new nickname for him: “Ron DeSanctimonious.”

He subsequently delivered a veiled threat.

I am unaware that he is running. Trump stated, “I think if he runs, he could hurt himself severely; I truly believe he could hurt himself severely.”

He then implied he was prepared to attack with personal information.

However, if he ran, I could tell you things about him that are not particularly flattering. I know more about him than possibly even his wife, who is really running his campaign.

»Biden appointee trolls Ron DeSantis mercilessly«

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