BBNaija Reunion: Saskay disclosed the actual reason she terminated her friendship with then-love interest Cross

BBNaija Reunion: Saskay disclosed the actual reason she terminated her friendship with then-love interest Cross

According to Saskay, the voice note of Cross saying derogatory things about her was a big factor in her decision to stay away from him.

Saskay, the ex-Shine Ya Eye reality television show star, has revealed the real reason she parted ways with her then-love interest, Cross Ikechukwu Okonkwo.

After the show presenter, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, inquired if she and Cross were still friends, Saskay revealed this during the Shine Ya Eye Reunion, Day 10, (episode 10) on Wednesday night, June 15.

She alleged that she parted ways with Cross when a leaked voice note of Cross making disparaging remarks about her went viral. Cross was heard in the voice note indicating that he is no longer working with Saskay since she and her staff are manipulative.

Ebuka asked, “So, are you and Cross friends”? Saskay answered, “No”. Ebuka added, “Exactly, what then happened”

Saskay responded, “Of course the conversation. The recorded call. And I felt like we were good before then”.

Ebuka said, “Up until that voice note”?

Saskay said, “Yeah, So, I thought, why did the voice note sound like he was trying to make it look like, ‘it’s okay being friends with me inside, but not wanting people outside to know we’re friends. Talking about me and my team being manipulative.

“So, I just felt weird and he came to meet me to apologize. But while he was talking, I realized he was apologizing for the conversation being leaked, not for what he said in the conversation.

“And I told him, I said, I understand and I respect you, but this conversation had embarrassed me publicly and if you the least be actually care, then you can say something publicly. I’m not saying you go out and write, ‘oh I’m sorry Saskay, I said this’, not necessarily, but at least, just say something publicly, and I told him that.

“And he just said okay, just kind of bossed it off, and that was it”.

When Ebuka asked Cross for his thoughts on the voice note, he explained that he understood it was Saskay’s fans who set him up by calling him and asking about Saskay and threatening him with a video of him visiting Saskay’s house after the voice note was released online.

Cross claimed that he opened out in response to an inquiry from the lady on the phone about him surreptitiously visiting Saskay, when it was clear that Saskay had invited him for a conversation, which he accepted.

He, on the other hand, indicated that he had long since disassociated himself from all of the Big Brother House ties and had resolved to being alone.

“Was it also the voice note that changed the friendship”? Ebuka asked Cross and he replied, “Well, you people are really going deep, but it’s okay”.

Cross continued, “The funny thing is that these fans find a way to get into people’s heads. They don’t understand that so many things is bigger than whole thing. And they listen to them and they feel of it.

“I‘m a very private person, when I want to do my things. When I realized that you know Saskay…, I don’t know whether she had me recorded or for whatever reasons.

“We were cool. When we came out of the House, we were very cool. We talk and everything. I think when I even traveled I got a gift as well. So, because she told me she wanted to talk about something, badly. I now said okay, when I get back, we talk about it.

“I told her, let’s talk about it on the phone, she was like, no, she wants it when I get back home, from South Africa we talk about it. I said okay, no problem.

“Then, I got back, when I came back home, I saw her and for reasons, a lot of people were thinking we were involved, and we were not involved. Like, we were just friends. We were just literally friends, nothing. And people thought we were, and I was like okay, cool.

“So, I came, gave her a gift, gave her a hug, and that’s it. We sat down, discussed, then, I left the house. All of a sudden, I heard that Cross was in Saskay’s house, having sex or doing rubbish. And in my mind, I was like, wait, I don’t understand. I’ve not touched you. Like nothing, we were just friends.

“So, I was like okay cool, these people are using fans to be doing all sort of hanky panky stuffs. And I told them, things like this are not what excites me.

Ebuka asked, “Then what was the voice note”. Cross said, “Then, I woke up to like over 40 missed calls on my phone. And my phone was blowing up. And I’m like, what’s going on? Why is my phone blowing up? So, I picked it up and I was like trying to know what’s going on and they were saying Cross, there was a video of you and Saskay, and everything.

“And I’m like, what rubbish video? Bring the video let me see it because I didn’t do anything. Literally, why are you dragging this whole thing out of proportion.

“I went to see her, said hi to each other. So, where’s the video? They were like, they’ll bring video and pictures. I said okay, bring it let me see, because I know I didn’t do anything there. Then, the whole thing now escalated.

“So, that was how I was talking to someone, not knowing that the person on the phone was trying to set me up. And I was trying like, telling the person, listen, we’re done with Big Brother House. There are many things involved now that I’m going on with and I was trying to break it down with them, because at that particular time, I was more friendly with Angel.

“So, I was telling them that I’m not involved with Saskay. And I even say something like, I’m not close to Whitemoney like that. I didn’t know the person was setting me up.

“I was explaining to the person like, listen, we’ve come out of the House, whatever happens inside the House is over. This is the new beginning of life.

»BBNaija Reunion: Saskay disclosed the actual reason she terminated her friendship with then-love interest Cross«

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